Melodifestivalen: FELIX SANDMAN tops the Swedish charts with “Every Single Day”


Eurovision fans are labelling it the worst Melodifestivalen for years. But judging from the Sverigetopplistan chart, the Swedish public does not agree.

The latest countdown of the country’s top 100 singles shows a nation that’s gripped by Mello mania. The list contains 19 entries from the competition, 14 of which are inside the top 40. And, for the first time since 2016, a Melfest song holds the number one spot.

After debuting at #9 last weekFELIX SANDMAN “Every Single Day” has soared to #1. He’s slowly been building traction from semi-final 4 through to Andra Chansen to now. The last Melfest act to reach the top spot was Frans with “If I Were Sorry” in 2016. He went on to win the competition and finished fifth at Eurovision.

However, topping the charts does not guarantee victory. Ace Wilder ruled the Sverigetopplistan in 2014, only for “Busy Doin’ Nothin'” to finish second behind Sanna Nielsen’s “Undo”.

Four more Melfest contenders join FELIX inside the top ten. The highest being Samir & Viktor “Shuffla”. The lively duo are at #3. Right behind them is Mendez “Everyday” at #4. They’re up from #6 and #5 respectively.

Benjamin Ingrosso “Dance You Off” and LIAMOO “Last Breath” break into the top ten for the first time. Benjamin is at #7 while LIAMOO sneaks in at #10.

Margaret “In My Cabana” at #12 and Rolandz “Fuldans” at #14 bring the number of top 20 Melodifestivalen entries to seven.

Elsewhere, Mariette “For You”, John Lundvik “My Turn”, Jessica Andersson “Party Voice” and Renaida “All The Feels” all crack the top 40.

As do Sigrid Bernson “Patrick Swayze”, Olivia Eliasson “Never Learn” and Moncho “Cuba Libre”, despite all three being eliminated during last Saturday’s Andra Chansen.

At #42, Martin Almgren “A Bitter Lullaby” is the lowest charting finalist.

The lower reaches of the chart also sees appearances from a number of acts which were knocked out during the semi-finals — Dotter, Elias Abbas, Edward Blom and Kamferdrops.

Somewhat surprisingly, Mimi Werner “Songburning” remains outside the chart. She’s the only semi-final qualifier to miss the top 100 completely in 2018. Ida Redig, who placed fifth behind her, broke into the charts for the two weeks immediately following semi two.


1. FELIX SANDMAN “Every Single Day” (up from 9)

3. Samir & Viktor “Shuffla” (up from 6)

4. Mendez “Everyday” (up from 5)

7. Benjamin Ingrosso “Dance You Off” (up from 17)

10. LIAMOO “Last Breath” (up from 20)

12. Margaret “In My Cabana” (up from 26)

14. Rolandz “Fuldans” (up from 29)

21. Mariette “For You” (up from 41)

22. John Lundvik “My Turn” (up from 49)

27. Sigrid Bernson “Patrick Swayze” (up from 44)

28. Jessica Andersson “Party Voice” (up from 59)

30. Olivia Eliasson “Never Learn” (up from 60)

31. Moncho “Cuba Libre” (up from 43)

38. Renaida “All The Feels” (up from 62)

42. Martin Almgren “A Bitter Lullaby” (up from 68)

72. Dotter “Cry” (down from 67)

76.  Elias Abbas “Mitt Paradis” (up from 80)

84. Edward Blom “Livet på en pinne” (up from 99)

86. Kamferdrops “Solen lever kvar hos dig” (re-entry)

Of course, the Melodifestivalen 2018 winner won’t be determined by the charts. Nevertheless, they can potentially offer an insight as to what songs the Swedish public are backing.

But unlike the semis and second chance round, the voting dynamics will be shaken up in the grand final as the votes of international juries will also come into play.

What do you think? Do you agree with the chart rankings? Does Felix deserve to be number one? How did your favourites do? Let us know in the comments below.