France: Madame Monsieur show solidarity with migrants in “Mercy” music video


Earlier this year they won Destination Eurovision and became France’s act for the Eurovision Song Contest 2018. And now Madame Monsieur have unveiled the music video for “Mercy”, which throws the spotlight on the global migrant crisis and gives particular focus to children. 

Taking an international approach, the video criss-crosses Europe, taking in cities including Rome, Paris, Lisbon and London.

Starting alone, illuminated only by flares, Madame Monsieur are gradually joined by a growing group of migrants of all ages.

Throughout the video, various clips show people on the move and looking forward. The visuals work to amplify the song’s own message of hope and humanity.

We’ve embedded the 3:49 version above, because when it comes to Madame Monsieur more is moreclick here. If you’d like to watch the three-minute Eurovision version, click here.

As Madame Monsier explained to, the clip is inspired by the story behind the song:

“Mercy is a little girl born on a humanitarian boat while her mother was fleeing the violence of her country. After passing through Libya and pregnant to the eyes, her mother sails on a plastic raft. Saved by the Aquarius (a rescue ship), she gives birth on the ship. This baby is Mercy. We were moved by this story.” 

The video also shows the work of rescue personnel and humanitarian volunteers around the world.

Taken together the song and video are a humanitarian call to arms for solidarity in resolving the migrant crisis. Speaking to CherieFM, Emmelie added that she sees the song as giving a “face” to migrants, rather than having a political message.

Madame Monsieur have in the mean time started domestic promotion for “Mercy” in earnest. They appeared on Virgin Radio yesterday, performing live versions of their Eurovision entry and a cover of The Voice France runner up Louane’s track “Si t’étais là” which hit #2 on the French SNEP chart.

Over the weekend the duo also performed “Mercy” at Versailles during fashion designer Sami Nouri‘s show of his new collection. Born in Afghanistan, and raised in Iran before moving to France, Nouri invited the duo to perform because of the message of their song.