Switzerland: Zibbz unveil revamped version of “Stones” and music video


Bullies beware: Zibbz are coming and they’re armed with molotov cocktails. Or at least, in their music video they are. 

The dynamic duo, who will represent Switzerland at Eurovision 2018, unveiled their revamp and edgy music video at the same time today.

Casting “Stones” as an anthem against bullying, Zibbz light things up in a grungy warehouse in more ways than one.

The clip starts with vocalist Corinne dressing for battle. At the other end of the warehouse, various assailants arm themselves for battle, unaware that the Swiss siblings are protected by a laser matrix, which can be interpreted as a visual metaphor for the resilient message of their song.

As weapons are thrown, the double act are covered in clouds of paint, but keep performing. These two are troopers y’all!

Swiss broadcaster SRF shed more light on the message of the video in a quote e-mailed to wiwibloggs.

“Zibbz shame cowards who bully others, and appeal to us all to let others live the way they want to live,” they write. “‘Stones’ has a clear message: ‘Bullying stops people from dreaming, from being their true selves, and from really living life. It happens in the school playground, on the internet, and of course putting yourself down is also a form of bullying.”

The triangles of the national final have been ditched and so has the tame national final version. The production has been polished, new effects have been added and the entry is more intense than the original.

SRF teased the music video release last night across official channels with an 18-second teaser.


Zibbz won Switzerland’s selection Die Entscheidungsshow in early February, winning top marks from the international jury and Swiss televoters at home.

The duo have also confirmed two appearances on the promo party circuit at Eurovision In Concert  and the London Eurovision Party.

Switzerland has won Eurovision twice, but has failed to make the grand final for the past three years. Timebelle came agonisingly close to qualifying last year, missing out by just four points, but in 2016 and 2015 Switzerland placed last in its semi-final.

SRF will be hoping to put an end to that trend this year.