To the moon! Alfred and Amaia take their love higher in official music video for “Tu canción”


Their real-life love story captivated Spain for months — and now they’re among the top 10 favourites to win the Eurovision Song Contest 2018.

And on Sunday evening Alfred & Amaia showcased their romance once more with the release of the official music video for “Tu canción”.

Keeping things pure and simple, the video opens with a solo shot of Alfred in the dark. The lights slowly illuminate him as he sings that he “would never have imagined that traveling to the Moon could be something real.” Then, in shots that deliberately mirror those, Amaia slowly comes into focus, saying that he turns “everything upside down when you kiss my forehead.”

That symmetry — of shot and sound — sets the tone for a video that’s all about the back-and-forth of their love and their voices, which, as ever, blend beautifully.

“Tu canción” official music video

Visually RTVE have done much to up the sartorial stakes. Rather than dressing Amaia as a secretary on her way to work (as in the Spanish national final), they instead portray her as someone young and stylish in a flowing blouse and skirt co-ord. It’s translucent enough in the light to be contemporary and striking, but there’s sufficient material — and cut in an elegant and flattering way — to preserve Amaia’s sophistication and demure. Alfred wears a black leather jacket which he leaves open, exposing a loose white t-shirt that smacks of easy-does-it style.

Their outfit choices — solid block colours, no patterns — help them stand out against the ever-changing backdrop, which moves from solid grey wall to a leaf-coloured floor with armchairs to a green setting with snow or air bubbles rising to the sky. At the climax of the song the duo seem to take flight — no doubt traveling to the Moon they mention in the opening bars — and grasp for each other as they do.

Can Spain win Eurovision 2018?

Their ascent in the music video mirrors their chances of winning Eurovision this year.

By March 9 the duo had climbed to the Top 5 in the betting odds, following the revamp of their entry, which has gone down well among fans. The new version gave the song added oomph, but still kept the tenderness and emotion that so many originally fell in love with.

With this climb up the odds table, the bookies seemed to suggest that Spain could be on to their best result at Eurovision for 17 years, when David Civera placed sixth in 2001 with “Dile que la quiero”.

With the release of all 43 songs almost complete, they’ve slipped down the oddstable to around ninth favourite. But surely with the right staging and live performance their fortunes could change once more.

What do you think of Spain’s music video? How do you think they’ll do in the grand final? Let us know down below. 

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