Christabelle Of The Ball: Malta’s Eurovision 2018 act unveils dystopian music video for “Taboo”


Almost a month ago she became Malta‘s act for the Eurovision Song Contest and now Christabelle is making waves with the music video for “Taboo”. 

The clip builds upon themes used in the performance at Malta Eurovision Song Contest 2018.

Starting in a desert dystopia with strong Mad Max vibes, the Maltese diva finds herself prisoner of an unknown evil state.

We then move to a Hunger Games-style confrontation were tributes battle one another for the entertainment of a privileged elite.

As those clips are shown, the Maltese star also holds court over clubland and battles her demons in a perspex box.

In a further woodland scene, Christabelle brings light to the trees in a blue kaftan creation, a visual metaphor for the song’s aim to shine light on the stigma surrounding mental health issues.

The 3:50 clip ends with Christabelle waving a flag of revolution, the evil state defeated and the titular “Taboo” broken.

Swapping between club dancefloor diva, nude illusion vulnerability and an ethereal woodland look, the video is a good show of the versatility that fans of Malta’s Eurovision selection shows know Christabelle possesses as a performer.

Christabelle: Activist Artist

As well as using the Maltese ticket to Eurovision to put the spotlight on mental health issues, Christabelle recently assumed a role as a Special Ambassador for the The President of Malta’s Foundation For The Wellbeing Of Society.

The role will focus on mental health issues and follows meetings with President Marie-Louise Coleiro Preca and Prime Minister of Malta, Joseph Muscat.

Christabelle is set to perform “Taboo” for an even wider European audience in the second-half of the second semi-final of the Eurovision Song Contest 2018. She’ll hope to avoid the fate of last year’s Maltese act Claudia Faniello, who failed to advance to the Grand Final in Kyiv.