Iceland: Ari Ólafsson receives nasty social media backlash for crying on live TV


Social media is great. One can get in touch with people from all corners of the world, share thoughts, photos, funny stuff and more. But social media can also be a cruel and hurtful place.

And Iceland’s Ari Ólafsson experienced the nastier side firsthand after he won Söngvakeppni 2018 last weekend.

After his first rendition of “Our Choice”, Ari became overwhelmed with emotion. And who’d blame him?

The performance was flawless and Ari gave it his all. He poured his heart out, and dared to shed a tear afterwards. And then he went ahead and won the whole damn thing!

But of course there are people out there, who just can’t handle a hint of emotion being shown. At any time. And those people were quick to judge.

“Sissyboy!”, “Grow some b***s!” “Stop being such a wuss!” “He’s faking it for sympathy votes!” were just some of the comments seen on Icelandic media after the show.

Nasty and uncalled for. Even hateful at times. All because a guy laid his heart and soul on the table and let his emotions show.

Lets recap this a little bit.

The 19 year old won the right to represent his country at the biggest show in Europe, if not the world.

He was effectively told by his fellow countrymen and women that: “You’re the best. We want you!” 

This is the biggest opportunity of his career so far. He will get to introduce himself to the world and to fly the Icelandic flag along the way. And he’ll do his absolute best to make the Nordic nation proud.

Of course he showed emotion. Of course he had feelings. He is human after all. He’s not a robot.

Luckily, many people also praised Ari for his raw and genuine response. Music Crowns, a Facebook page which delves into everything and anything music, picked up the story about Ari. They shared a lovely video with their 2.7 million fans. It celebrates Ari for being so honest, using the hashtag #WeAllCry.

Singer Cries Live On TV

There’s nothing wrong with letting a few tears out. ?Even on live TV.#WeAllCryArtist: Ari Ólafsson ??

Posted by Music Crowns on Friday, March 9, 2018

And it’s true.

Everybody should cry. Men too. It’s not just for small children and women. We’re all allowed to feel things, regardless of the situation.

Thankfully Ari is brushing off the hate like a boss! And on Sunday he jetted off to Lithuania for the grand final of the country’s Eurovision 2018 selection. He opened the show with a reprise of his own entry for Lisbon.

Ari, kudos for showing us the real you. Never ever stop being you, whatever the haters say. After all, are any of them about to step on the Eurovision stage and sing in front of 200,000,000 people? No, didn’t think so! The wiwibloggs team applauds you.

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