Sweden: Voting results for Melodifestivalen 2018 show Benjamin Ingrosso’s dominance


Stat lovers, get ready: the Melodifestivalen 2018 results have just been published by SVT. With them, we can have a look and see just how the competition progressed — and how close it was to coming out differently.

This year’s results show just how easy it was for the eventual winner, Benjamin Ingrosso. Benjamin received the highest number of votes of all acts in the four heats — with 1,295,155 votes cast in his name. That’s the highest number of votes ever awarded in the heats, y’all!

He followed this up in the final with an even bigger total of 1,469,808. That put him nearly 70,000 votes clear of his nearest rival, Felix Sandman. With the jury vote ranking him first, his victory was never in doubt.

But looking further at the results does show some much closer results:

Heat One

Benjamin’s dominance overshadows the close fight for the second spot in the final. John Lundvik only narrowly pipped Renaida to that spot: in the first round of voting, John only achieved 11,000 votes more than Renaida (1,048,501 vs. 1.037,549).

By the second round of voting, however, John pulled a little further away. Sigrid Bernson finished a safe 4th in the heat, albeit still with over 1 million votes cast. This marks the first time all four acts in a heat polled over that magic million mark — could it have been easier for them in another heat?

The closest contest comes with the bottom two: Kamferdrops only finished 312 votes ahead of Kikki Danielsson in the first round.

Heat Two

Unsurprisingly, Samir & Viktor won Heat Two, with 21.09% of the total votes. Whilst they didn’t get more votes than Benjamin did in Heat One, that’s actually a higher percentage. LIAMOO was a clear second place behind them.

Margaret places 3rd, around 52,000 votes clear of Mimi Werner. Mimi briefly looked under threat from Ida Redig in the first round of voting, but eventually finished 33,200 votes ahead by the end.

Heat Three

Perhaps to the surprise of some, it was Martin Almgren who won Heat Three — not Jessica Andersson! Martin finished 54,000 votes clear, pulling well ahead in the first round of voting. Jessica might have briefly been favourite after the contest, but it looks like that might have been false fan hope.

Mendez’s “Everyday” was always destined for Andra Chansen based on the results. Moncho was only 19,000 votes clear of Kalle Moraeus & Orsa Spelman in 4th, with the duo polling much better in the second round of voting.

Pre-contest favourite Dotter was eliminated by 26,000 votes in the first round: something to truly “cry” about!

Heat Four

The absolute closest result of the heats is found in Heat Four. Olivia Eliasson only just eliminated Elias Abbas to reach Andra Chansen by just under 3,000 votes. Elias in fact lead Olivia in the first round, only for the second round of voting to prove important.

The rest of the results were much more obvious. Mariette easily won, albeit with the lowest votes for a heat winner at 901,585. Rolandz were over 50,000 votes clear of Felix Sandman by the end of voting.

Andra Chansen

The majority of Andra Chansen duels were fairly one-sided. Renaida received the most votes of all acts with 884,188, although Felix Sandman had a better winning percentage in his duel against Mimi Werner.

The closest contest came between in the true battle of backing vocals: Sigrid Bernson vs. Mendez. Mendez only won by 26,000 votes, in what was effectively a 49% vs. 51% final result.

Grand Final

As previously mentioned, Benjamin’s victory was really a foregone conclusion looking at the stats. There’s some interesting results still in the final, however.

The Andra Chansen winners relatively outperformed the Heat winners: 4,775,296 votes vs. 4,763,419. Clearly, the extra week of performing might have had a boost for some acts!

Martin Almgren and Jessica Andersson, meanwhile, were the only two acts to poll less in the final than they did in their heats.

So, what do you think about the Melodifestivalen 2018 results in detail? Would you have rather seen Elias in Andra Chansen instead of Olivia? What do you think SVT can do about the jury-public vote split? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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