Surie 7th Heaven Remix Storm UK Eurovision 2018

They’re the DJ team responsible for countless dance bangers. And now, for the second year running, 7th Heaven are working their magic on the UK’s Eurovision entry.

The remix landed while SuRie was busy promoting “Storm” at Israel Calling 2018 in Tel Aviv, and our Deban was on hand to get her reaction.

“They smashed it! Knocked it out of the ballpark. I love it”.

And so well she should. Whereas the official cut has sometimes been compared to a blustery day rather than a full-on storm, the remix ups the ante considerably.

Like the Grand Old Duke of York — he had ten thousand men, he marched them up to the top of the hill, and he marched them down again — the three minute Eurovision edit takes us right to the edge of a magnificent pop explosion, but steps back at the last moment.

There’s no such problems with the 7th Heaven club mix. It’s a dance floor belter that’s Euroclub ready.

Surie “Storm” (7th Heaven Remix) — Radio Edit

Listen to the extended Club Mix.

Of course Deban and SuRie — real name Susanna Marie — talked about plenty more.

She’s representing her homeland in Lisbon, but in 2015 and 2017 she was a backing vocalist for Belgium. Did that experience keep her passion for Eurovision burning?

“It opened my eyes to the world of Eurovision. I guiltily admit that Eurovision wasn’t hugely on my radar before then and I’m kicking myself for that now.

There are years of glory that I’ve missed out on. So I’m trying to catch up now, doing lots of research and enjoying it”.

She remains friends with both Loic Nottet and Blanche, the former sent her a good luck message on the night of the British final while the latter caught up with her for dinner a few weeks back.

But while SuRie was enjoying top five finishes with the Belgians, the UK was faring less well. Why haven’t the Brits pushed further?

“We’re pushing now. I can’t speak for previous years… but I think Lucie did such a beautiful job last year… and the staging, the creative director — who’s the same guy again this year! … We are really trying really hard”.

Of course, much of SuRie’s Eurovision fortunes will come down to “Storm”, which was remastered in the weeks following her You Decide victory. Was she happy with the result?

“It’s just so much fun. And just bringing the colour of the whole track, amplifying it even more and then taking it to that big stage”.

Watch the full interview below and then watch her performance from Tuesday night’s Israel Calling concert.

SuRie Israel Calling 2018 interview

SuRie “Storm” Israel Calling 2018

What do you think of the “Storm” remix? And what do you think of the UK’s Eurovision chances? Can SuRie take them back to the top ten? Let us know in the comments below.

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Talking of remixes, someone needs to do a Mashup of Storm over the instrumental of Australia’s “We got love”
They’re both very similar songs, except Aus are on point with the backing track and big vocal notes. Aus will finish top 10. UK last.

Ps go check out the mashup of Netta vs Backstreet boys.


Can we also get real about Lucie last year. Her staging looked like a Palmolive advert from the 50s and her bingo winged dreary performance of a monotonous dirge of a song came near last in the televote.


It sucks. Bland tune, cringeworthy lyrics performed by a forgettable backing singer. Has zero chance. Certain bottom 5 and possibly last.


If ITV took over I’d stop watching. They have no respect for the people on their own reality shows (just look at the most recent winners of The Voice), not do they have any respect for the contest.


Still not good.


This remix gives the gay people the beats they need to love it and dance to it.


The song is not bad but many people eventhoug the dont say it are hurt with BREXIT it is understandable.
Suri sings good and its beter that many songs.


null points confirmed!


your song is garbage and it’s gonna suck no matter how many times yu remix it


it stays the same dull bland lifeless song though

SuRie the next Josh Dubovie for UK: last place in the final

revamp: 0/10

remix: 0/10


Better but still not much!


Wow, the remix turned a dull song into a Bop! Can we sign a petition for this version to be used in Eurovision, as it happened with Serhat in 2016?


Serhat>>>>>>> Suricate

Wow! Exciting news about the staging director but Luice was my choice at ‘you decide’. The bbc upped their game with the revamp and then excelled with the staging last year. This year, however, SuRie wasn’t even on my radar. A big part of me feels like the only way the staging of this song will wow the audience if if they wheel out William and Kate. Hey, I’d even settle for William and Deban! I cannot vision how we take this non-competitive song and stop it from looking like Annie Lennox doing Cliff Richard dance moves in an elevator.… Read more »

I lie this better and I hope she performs it well, the song is to under rated.

Frau Loch

You can put lipstick on a pig, it’s still a pig.

drag kvinna

tepid song for midsummer nutmeg hallucinations


I dunno if Lucie’s stage director was already confirmed but it’s something to be excited about. I think it’s a tougher sell than last years but the hype from the Brits first rehearsals were immense, it didn’t translate on the night, and it wasn’t expected to, but nonetheless it’s exciting he’s back this year


A British rep with Israeli connections! I love it. Also, what’d I tell you guys? It’s Lucie’s artistic director – they really care about making this look good.