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She’s the queen of Eurovision who has already inspired countless numbers of people around the world. Now, Conchita — aka Tom Neuwirth — has made a move to take back control of her own life. In an Instagram post last night, Conchita shared that she’s been HIV-positive for “many years”.

heute ist der tag gekommen, mich für den rest meines lebens von einem damoklesschwert zu befreien: ich bin seit vielen jahren hiv-positiv. das ist für die öffentlichkeit eigentlich irrelevant, aber ein ex-freund droht mir, mit dieser privaten information an die öffentlichkeit zu gehen, und ich gebe auch in zukunft niemandem das recht, mir angst zu machen und mein leben derart zu beeinflussen. seit ich die diagnose erhalten habe, bin ich in medizinischer behandlung, und seit vielen jahren unterbrechungsfrei unter der nachweisgrenze, damit also nicht in der lage, den virus weiter zu geben. ich wollte aus mehreren gründen bisher nicht damit an die öffentlichkeit gehen, nur zwei davon will ich hier nennen: der wichtigste war mir meine familie, die seit dem ersten tag bescheid weiss und mich bedingungslos unterstützt hat. ihnen hätte ich die aufmerksamkeit für den hiv-status ihres sohnes, enkels und bruders gerne erspart. genauso wissen meine freunde seit geraumer zeit bescheid und gehen in einer unbefangenheit damit um, die ich jeder und jedem betroffenen wünschen würde. zweitens ist es eine information, die meiner meinung nach hauptsächlich für diejenigen menschen von relevanz ist, mit denen sexueller kontakt infrage kommt. coming out ist besser als von dritten geoutet zu werden. ich hoffe, mut zu machen und einen weiteren schritt zu setzen gegen die stigmatisierung von menschen, die sich durch ihr eigenes verhalten oder aber unverschuldet mit hiv infiziert haben. an meine fans: die information über meinen hiv-status mag neu für euch sein – mein status ist es nicht! es geht mir gesundheitlich gut, und ich bin stärker, motivierter und befreiter denn je. danke für eure unterstützung!

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Conchita’s decision to share this with the public comes under unfortunate circumstances. An ex-boyfriend had threatened to reveal Conchita’s status, effectively using it as a method of blackmail. It’s a terrible throwback to times when HIV carried a much more vicious stigma.

But Conchita took control of her own story, and wrote “I will not give anyone the right to frighten me and influence my life in the future.”

Responses on Conchita’s post have been filled with love and support. Her fans praised the Eurovision star for her bravery, honesty and courage.

Conchita performs at the Life Ball 2015

Conchita has been a long time supporter of the Life Ball in Vienna. It’s the largest charity event in Europe, dedicated to supporting people with HIV and AIDS. That support obviously takes on a new meaning now.

And Conchita clearly hopes that by “going public”, she can help others. In the Instagram post, she says: “I hope to encourage (others) and make a step against the stigmatisation of people who through their own behaviour or through no fault of their own were infected with HIV.”

Her message explains that those who were closest to her — family and friends — were all previously aware of her status. By going public, it allows Conchita to take back control and not have a third party reveal the information.

She’s a social advocate and this is simply the next brave step in her journey.

Understanding HIV

The message signs off with “I’m well…and I’m stronger, more motivated and liberated than ever”. It’s wonderful news to hear. But it also makes the point of how far HIV treatment has come, compared with the first years of the disease.

As the Terrence Higgins Trust (the UK’s leading HIV charity) explains, it’s now completely possible for HIV-positive people to live just as long as anyone else.

Modern treatment is now so effective that people are often “undetectable”. This means that there is so little of the virus in the body that blood tests cannot detect it. Similarly, studies have shown that people who are undetectable cannot pass the virus on to a HIV-negative partner.

Conchita states she is indeed “under the detection limit” in her post. And in her own words, “the information may be new to you — my status is not”. She’s the same queen that Europe fell in love with in 2014 and her status should never impact that.

You can find more information about HIV & AIDS treatment and services in your country at Aids Action Europe.


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So, basically she came out only cause someone was blackmailing her. Otherwise she wouldn’t have done it. Yes, certainly very brave.

It is a shame what ex boyfriend did to Tom. He must to sue his ex. I love Tom&Conchita, but something we all should know. The protection is very important, especially by male sex partners. And it is very wrong that some people are saying that if person with hiv takes pills against aids, that she could have unprotected sex, because of low lewel of hiv virus in blood. That is not true. If is person contracted with hiv, that does not mean that this person can not get infection with another type of hiv virus again. The people with… Read more »

I like how you added some information at the end about coping with the virus. Ths is really nice, and I’m glad to see you not just reporting on Conchita’s announcement, but helping spread her message.

Charli Cheer Up

Good on her! I wonder where that ex is now…oh well at Conchita’s out there inspiring people through her music and good personality. Also props to her husband for always being there for her while she went through this.


Use protection xx

Frau Loch

An artist that uses it’s strength and fame for a good cause like the HIV stigma is a true winner. Another 12 points for Conchita Wurst.


stand strong honey


You are one of the many reasons why this act of Conchita is timely, necessary and irrelevant.

I just hope that one day you will not be in a similar situation and that coming out in public like this is necessary.




Oh My God. I’m so sorry her awful ex-boyfriend tried to pull a stunt like that on her. Disgusting! Don’t worry Conchita the fandom is behind you 100%!


Conchita you are unstoppable and we stand with you!


My very favorite comment: “oh they’re just doing it for the publicity.” I bet you when Lys Assia died they were all saying, “Oh it’s just for publicity. Watch, she’s gonna wake up any moment now.” I wonder what it could take for some people to understand acts they don’t like are real people with real issues too.


Are you serious ?… ?


Thats a very BAD comment! Shame on you! Karma will get you too, bud!

IF this would be a PR-Stunt, why the hell they didn’t do this on esc 14?

Just stupid! I am angry now!


Conchita is always brave and gracious.

Fast Food Music Lover
Fast Food Music Lover

That ex-boyfriend is terrible! Glad she was able to make it public on her own terms.


Respect to brave Conchita! 😉




You’ve got this, Queen. All my love and support.


I just want to wish all the best to this wonderful, brave and inspirational person


Conchita praud for you ? my queen You have my support ? my heart olways open for you ?


Great on her for bringing awareness to this issue.


Absolutely! People have gotten too blasé, too comfortable in thinking HIV is a thing of the past “it”ll never happen to me”. They couldn’t be more wrong. Stay safe, people!


We love you, we admire you, we stand by you. Together we are UNSTOPPABLE!


I follow her since she appeared at the Eurovision song contest, every gesture, word highlighted a great sensitivity and intelligence, Conchita is endowed with uncommon communication skills.


How awful that her hand was forced, but at the same time it is great that there is now another healthy & happy role model for people living with this stigma. There is no reason any more to be living with shame or embarrassment.


Wow! It’s so sad that’s in this day and age something like that can still used as a weapon to cause harm. Conchita (or Tom, in this case) shouldn’t have had to make such a public declaration over fear that someone else would break it to the public in a malicious way.
Hopefully some good can come out of this, and people should not feel the need to shy away from being HIV positive. Wishing Tom a healthy long and happy life.

Marcus (Day One)

She’s very brave.
It’s just a shame she’s been almosr blackmailed into revealing this instead of on her own terms.


She’s fierce, she’s strong, she is unstoppable.

Robyn Gallagher

It’s sad her hand has been forced like this, but what a powerful message and what an inspiration Conchita is!


Good on Tom for sharing this. So long as he told his partners with whom he was intimate with, his decision to come out with this should be his and his alone. It’s good to decrease the stigma around HIV