Romania 2018 postcard The Humans in Portugal

This week Romania‘s Selectia Nationala winners The Humans filmed their postcard for Eurovision 2018 in Portugal. Organisers chose the spectacular Passadicos do Paiva in Arouca Geopark, a UNESCO heritage site situated in the north of the country, as the setting.

The natural environment of the Arouca Geopark highlights both the beauty of Portugal, but also its rich history. The park is home to some important sites that cut across archeological, cultural and mining interests. Among the notable sites are Neolithic graves, Roman and Medieval ruins, the Arouca Monastery and the abandoned tungsten mines of Regoufe and Rio de Frades. The breathtaking vistas of Passadicos do Paiva (Paiva Walkways) will surely feature heavily in the postcard, and The Humans were delighted to travel to the mountainous region, which, in their words, felt like a piece of paradise.

The Humans’ promo tour continues

The six-piece band is now just a short trip away from Madrid, where they will perform at the Eurovision Spain Pre-Party this weekend. While the Romanians missed Eurovision in Concert in Amsterdam, they did take part in Israel Calling 2018, the Tel Aviv ESC party extravaganza.

While in Tel Aviv, The Humans met with our very own Deban Aderemi, who interviewed the band about their unexpected victory at Selectia Nationala 2018, the pressure of performing second in the Second Semi-final after Eurovision winner Alexander Rybak, and about their chances of qualifying to the Grand Final.

You can watch the entire interview below:

Despite the fact that the Wiwi Jury did not rate their song “Goodbye” very highly — Romania currently sits at 37th place out of 40 — the band was gracious enough to recognise that not all acts can get high points from a subjective jury of fans and that Romania’s true test will come in Lisbon in May. Moreover, The Humans claim not to be phased by the pressure to keep their country’s 100% qualification record at Eurovision. In the words of front-woman Cristina Caramarcu, “The only thing that I can change in this competition is how I sing. The rest does not depend on me.”

Are you excited to see The Humans perform in Madrid? And what do you think are Romania’s chances to qualify for the Grand Final in Lisbon? Let us know in the comments!

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Say whatever you want about their entry, but Cristina is damn hot


where are my comments??????


Sweden shot their postcard in the snow…before the snow start to melt
Its getting warm in Portugal (finally after a endless winter)

Captain Obvious

It’s a bit difficult to shoot a postcard in the snow AFTER the snow starts melting


Oh poor genius! Maybe you cannot understand what i wrote….my english is rubish like your brain 🙂


by the way in your country the snow melts in seconds?? 🙂


Very underrated ,that girl can sing like no other.


This is like the only time you make an article about a country’s 2018 postcard lol. Anyway good luck The Humans. Best singer and song.


Romania GREAT ENTRY your singer is FABULOUS.