Last night Norway’s state broadcaster NRK aired the second programme of “Adresse Lisboa” — its Eurovision 2018 preview show.  And both the professional panel and the people’s jury agreed that the winner of the evening was Austria’s Cesár Sampson.

Cesár’s melodious gospel song “Nobody but you” managed to score a massive 86 points, beating first programme winner — Finland’s Saara Aalto and “Monsters” — by 11 points. That makes him a clear favourite at this point.

Nobody but you” earned a trio of 12s and an 8 from the professional panel, and two 12s, a 10 and an 8 from the people’s jury, putting him way out in front of his rivals. Last night’s show featured the acts from Austria, Czech Republic, Latvia, Romania, Ireland, Slovenia, Georgia, France, San Marino, Lithuania and Azerbaijan.

France and Czech Republic in the top 3

While Cesár Sampson placed himself miles ahead of the others, the programme’s number two and three, France and Czech Republic, are locked in a close battle with each other. France’s “Madame Monsieur” got 74 points and edged past Mikolas Josef from Czech Republic who received 73 points. On the flip side, and at the bottom of the scoreboard, were San Mariano with just 27 points followed by Latvia with 33 points.

Next programme of “Adresse Lisboa” will be aired next Friday and in the meantime it’s possible to stream and watch the first two episodes here.

Second programme rankings

The second programme rankings were as follows:

Austria: 86

France: 74 points

Czech Republic: 73 points

Ireland: 59 points

Lithuania: 54 points

Azerbaijan: 54 points

Romania: 52 points

Georgia: 43 points

Slovenia: 35 points

Latvia: 33 points

San Marino: 27

What do you think about Cesár Sampson’s “Nobody but you”? Do you think he can outdo France and Czech Republic in Lisbon?


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Great song, in my top 3




i love this Song sooooooooo much


Well, nobody should underestimate the Austrian representative Cesár, since his voice is certainly one of the best of this year.. Hopefully, staging in Lisbon will fit to the current fine overall impression for now.
Waiting for 1st Rehearsal –
Possible Top 10 –


Quite questionable music taste….


I honestly can’t remember Austria’s song


I have a dark horse feeling with Austria this year. Cesár said that the song was made for the stage. His vocal capabilities were shown in the pre ESC concerts. So with a well tuned choir the whole package really could make a big impact – at least with the juries.