Happy happy joy joy! This year, the Moldovan trio DoReDos are serving us a big dose of cheer, colour and good ole fashioned fun in their Eurovision 2018 entry “My Lucky Day”.

And now they are doing it in Russian.

The song, composed by the Eurovision giant Philip Kirkorov, is anything but gloomy. And the trio recently gave us an official video, which was bursting with sunshine and love.

“My Lucky Day” will be sung in English when they hit the stage in Lisbon. But by releasing a Russian version, DoReDos give a nod to their growing fan base in mother Russia and the surrounding region. They performed the new cut live on Russian TV in recent days and were presented on stage by none other than Kirkorov himself, who also makes an appearance in the music video.

DoReDos “My Lucky Day” (Russian Version)

DoReDos have barely had a moment to rest since winning Moldova’s national selection.

They’ve toured the continent with Philip Kirkorov, albeit having slight passport problems in the beginning, which kept them from attending the London Eurovision Party.

Luckily the problem was resolved in time for Israel Calling, and the trio made a happy landing in Tel Aviv. They also popped up in Amsterdam for Eurovision in Concert, where they gave a lively performance and showed Europe just how much fun they are having in the process.

After wrapping up the party circuit in Madrid at the weekend, the trio’s next stop is, of course, the big stage in Altice Arena.

Moldova’s first rehearsal takes place on May 1st. On May 10th, they will attempt to make it all the way to the finals.

Last year, Moldova achieved their best results to date, when another trio danced their way to third place. Can this trio top Sunstroke Project’s success? Let us know in the comments below.

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It sure feels like they are trying to make Moldova the backup Russian entry…


Calm down everyone. Yes, they probably won’t make it to the final, but show some respect! It’s a fun and bubbly song. It makes us smile and makes us tap our feet. Its not written like great English literature, but just enjoy the music, the emotion, and the fun that they radiate. I, as a Belarusian, give them my 12 points! Good Luck DoReDos


I’ll vote for them, good luck Moldova! You will shine in Lisbon!


I agree. It’s not a deep song by any means, but it’s goal is to be funny, danceable and slightly edgy, and it fully succeeds. My 22nd.


My 10 year old doughter will vote for them and her gradma has promised her to do the same. People need some happy songs in this dark times. Not my favorites but ESC need diffrent types of songs.

Good luck from Sweden


Nothing can help them.. But guys search up for DAONEFAME channel on yt to find story: Estonia VS Russia at Eurovision 2018.. Interesting theories there.. ? ?


“Can this trio top Sunstroke Project’s success?”



Hahah oh Moldova… this is why I love Eurovision. Absolute tune and one of my favorites this year! Thank you for making me smile (also, get that Shantel edit back).
Definitely works better in Russian, although lyrics like “right now you’re stopping TRAAAAFFIC” are so hilariously terrible I kind of miss them.


We need happy easy songs.


What a cheap editing. And that guy’s high pitch voice ….cringe !


They’re everywhere, lol, kudos to that 😀


Kirkorov? again? lol
he wrote a very lame song …cheap and annoying with silly lyrics, but i love Doredos artists they seems so lovely, nice persons and have good vocal but the song is bad


Unless Philip Kirkorov has won Eurovision he is no giant.


Don’t worry over this, Moldova, Romania has the 12 points ready for you, just say Multumesc at the end like Sunstroke last year and you’ll do fine! Good luck, anyway!


Who is Philip Krakorov and why is this even news?!


He has composed a few Eurovision songs (Russia 2016 was one of his) and also Represented Russia in 1995 getting their worst result at the contest, 17th out of 23. He is really famous among the former Soviet states.


Seems Like loosers have big Egos. Kirkorov, Christer Björkman and so on. Loosers at Eurovision, but big Egos.