The Nordic countries deliver a diverse range of entries every year. There’s something for everybody, from vikings to violinists. Recently, we asked you who your favourite Nordic entry at Eurovision 2018 is.

The results are in and Finland’s Saara Aalto has emerged as your clear favourite. The anthemic “Monsters” secured almost 40% of your votes.

Our readers voted en mass. A total of 8,241 votes were cast and the results are resounding.

Saara Aalto gathered nearly double the amount of votes of her nearest challenger Benjamin Ingrosso. The Swedish star narrowly edged out Denmark’s Rasmussen who rounded out the top three. The full results of the poll are below.

1. Finland — Saara Aalto “Monsters”

Finland is your favourite Nordic country at Eurovision 2018 with “Monsters“. Saara Aalto received 3,265 votes — that’s 39.62% of all votes cast.

Saara Aalto was internally selected as Finland’s representative and “Monsters” was chosen through a 3-song national final. The multi-talented Finn recently sang “Monsters” in 34 languages and she is the clear numero uno in the Nordics. The Wiwi Jury is on the same page, with Saara’s “Monsters” one of just three songs to score above 8 on this year’s jury.

2. Sweden — Benjamin Ingrosso “Dance You Off”

Benjamin Ingrosso sets the bar high when it comes to Eurovision 2018 staging. And the slick choreography and catchy tune of “Dance You Off” secured Sweden second place in the poll. Benjamin amassed 1,836 votes, or 22.28% of all votes cast.

Sweden is currently floating just outside the top five with bookmakers. Benjamin and his clever staging are poised to continue Sweden’s excellent run at Eurovision. He will be hoping to run off — or dance off — with the trophy in May.

3. Denmark — Rasmussen “Higher Ground”

Denmark’s Rasmussen is hot on Benjamin’s heels. “Higher Ground” gathered 1,697 votes — that’s 20.59% of all votes cast — placing him in a very close third.

Rasmussen recently revealed his team of vikings which will set sail to Lisbon. Can they plot a course heading towards the Eurovision trophy?

4. Norway — Alexander Rybak “That’s How You Write a Song”

Norway’s Alexander Rybak is undeniably one of the most iconic winners in Eurovision history. Unfortunately, his return has not had the same impact on our readers. “That’s How You Write a Song” collected 1,115 votes, with 13.53% of all votes cast.

Our readers certainly disagree with bookmakers, who currently rate Alexander Rybak as fifth favourite to win Eurovision 2018. We’re expecting big things from the former winner who will open the second semi-final.

5. Iceland — Ari Ólafsson “Our Choice”

Rounding out the pack is Iceland’s Ari Ólafsson. “Our Choice” failed to resonate with our readers, who awarded it just 328 votes — that’s only 3.98% of all votes cast.

Ari has the unenviable task of performing second in the first semi-final. He faces an uphill battle to qualify. Will his killer vocals be enough to push him through?

Who is your favourite Nordic entry at Eurovision 2018? Poll Results

  1. Finland: Saara Aalto – “Monsters” 39.62% (3,265 votes)
  2. Sweden: Benjamin Ingrosso – “Dance You Off” 22.28% (1,836 votes)
  3. Denmark: Rasmussen – “Higher Ground” 20.59% (1,697 votes)
  4. Norway: Alexander Rybak – “That’s How You Write a Song” 13.53% (1,115 votes)
  5. Iceland: Ari Ólafsson – “Our Choice” 3.98% (328 votes)

Total Votes: 8,241

What do you think of the poll results? Who is your favourite? Which Nordic countries will qualify for the final? Let us know in the comments below.

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While I believe Israel is very unique, catchy, funny and would be worthy to win, there is a history of being a pre-favorite and disappointingly falling behind at the end. As for the Nordics, Finland is the only one to compete in the league of Netta and it may just be good that her overall odds are not great, yet. We saw fantastic live performances of Saara in X-factor UK. 12 points. Sweden: I like it, 8 points, but are voters gonna be hot for a Justin Beaber? Denmark: ok, but heard it too many times before, 5 points. Norway:… Read more »
jari komi
Olly the Swede, it’s funny u don’t see sweden weak at all.It is weak song this year but it doesn’t disturb me as much as last year swedish song which one was sung so badly, not following any notes. Israel should be there in top 10 instead of sweden but of course sweden is sweden and israel is never getting what it deserve, when they have a good song like last year. And still i don’tn understand why Iceland is so under rated??? this kind of beautiful melodies we have all ways listened like luxemburg ’72 ’73 france ’77 ….… Read more »

But Israel have so bad song this year. I dont understand how you can like.

Olly the Swede
Before writing my post, although I’m from Sweden and love Benjamin’s song for this year’s contest, he isn’t my winner of the year so don’t think I’m over-hyping him! In terms of the Nordic songs for 2018, I have mixed feelings but I believe that at least two of these will place well in the Grand Final while some will fail to qualify. My issue with Saara is that her number comes over to me as being too “staged” and “basic”. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy listening to “Monsters” and the beat of the song, but the melody and… Read more »
poe-tay-toe chips

Least surprising poll results ever tbh


Ay. You gotta participate!

Ppl seem to be split on the Nordic entries… Except for Iceland. 🙁 There’s a choice we could make and they’re not in his favor.


Where are all the crybabies from Baltic States that say they are Nordic? Wanna see them being bitchy hahah


I have never seen anyone from the Baltic countries cry and want to be a Nordic person from a Nordic country, because they have their own strong identity and pride. Actually, me as a Finn would very much love to move to Estonia – a country that is progressing fastest of all EU-countries. Actually, Estonia nowadays is more European than many areas in the Nordics. So hahah to yourself and your lousy “joke” 😀 That was a nice try but so bad though.


My Nordic top is:
1. Denmark ????
2. Sweden ??
3. Norway ?
4. Finland ????
5. Iceland ??

Polegend Godgarina

Sweden and Finland are my 4th and 5th respectively! Norway needs to stay in the semi-final, though.

Purple Mask

Poor Alexander. 🙁
I’ll let you know my top list later.


Search up for DAONEFAME channel on yt to find story: Estonia VS Russia at Eurovision 2018.. Interesting theories there for sure..


Finland 10/10. Denmark 9/10. Sweden 7/10. Iceland. 6/10. Norway 1/10

Benjamin Ingrosso

Denmark and Finland are the best!!
Probably 4 nordic countries in the final.


So gold and silver to swedish songwriters.
That must be terrible for all swehaters. Sweedhaters.


No need to be hating anyone. The great thing about music is that it caters for all tastes and this year is one of the strongest years at Eurovision for a while. Saara is going to do better than a lot of people think in my opinion. But Sweden have always done well irregardless of how good or bad the song is. There are a lot of politics involved in the voting, as anyone who knows the history of Eurovision knows very well.


Sweden get good result when we have a good song. Not because the song is from sweden. We are meesured by an other scale and need to be so much better just because of high expectations because of melfest and resultat from earlier years. If an other country would send our songs. Then would everybody in the escbubble love it.


For my taste not at all a very good year for the Nordic countries quality-wise. I guess I’ll have to go for Sweden, but which is not in my top 10, I’m afraid.

Talentina Monetta

Domino outsold


Well, she’s not my favourite..