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As always, the Eurovision 2018 entries from ex-Yugoslavia are a diverse bunch. From Balkan ballad to EDM banger to sultry jazz to beat-drop electro-pop, lots of boxes are ticked.

With Bosnia & Herzegovina on a — hopefully temporary — break from the Eurovision stage, this year’s ex-Yugoslav countries consist of Croatia, F.Y.R. Macedonia, Montenegro, Serbia and Slovenia.

And earlier this week, we asked you to vote for your favourite entry from an ex-Yugoslav country. A total of 2,399 votes were cast and the results are in.  

1. F.Y.R. Macedonia – Eye Cue “Lost and Found”

After tallying up the vote, F.Y.R. Macedonia’s Eye Cue emerged as a clear-cut favourite. Taking 1,371 votes, “Lost and Found” gathered just over 57% of all votes cast.

F.Y.R. Macedonia hasn’t qualified for the final since 2012. And before that they last made the Saturday evening show in 2007. So Eye Cue have quite the task on hand. According to the bookies F.Y.R. Macedonia are not unlikely to break their non-qualification streak in Lisbon. But if they can galvanise their fans on the night of semi-final one, perhaps what hope is lost can be found.

2. Slovenia – Lea Sirk “Hvala, ne!”

A long way behind, but still rather secure in second place is Slovenia’s Lea Sirk. She swept up 374 votes, almost 1,000 less than the first place. “Hvala, ne!” gathered 15.59% of all votes.

Since the semi-finals were introduced in 2004, Slovenia has only made it to the final four times. But that is where Lea Sirk wants to be. According to the oddsmakers  that might be a distant dream. But Lea’s response is nothing less than “Hvala, ne! I’m gonna be there”.

3. Serbia – Sanja Ilic and Balkanika “Nova Deca”

Walking away with bronze, it’s Serbia’s Sanja Ilic and Balkanika. With 270 votes, “Nova Deca” took 11.25% of the votes.

Serbia is the only ex-Yugoslav country that has won the contest to date. But the country has experienced many ups and downs since its 2007 victory. According to the bookies it is rather likely that this year will bring another down. Nonetheless, Sanja Ilic and Balkanika’s goal is for their “new children” to get to the final.

4. Croatia – Franka “Crazy”

Just missing out on a medal is Croatia’s Franka. “Crazy” picked up 235 votes (9.8%).

Croatia has graced the final for the last two years. And they sure want to keep that streak going. Unfortunately, the bookies don’t agree. Yet Franka’s aim will be to make Europe crazy for her act and vote Croatia into the final for a third consecutive time.

5. Montenegro – Vanja Radovanovic “Inje”

In a respectable fifth, albeit also last, place is Montenegro’s Vanja Radovanovic. With 149 votes, “Inje” attracted 6.21% of votes.

Since their debut as an independent country in 2007, Montenegro has only made it to the final on two occasions, 2014 and 2015. According to the bookmakers, a final return is not looking promising. But Vanja is here to defrost those odds.

What do you think of the poll results? Who is your favourite? Which ex-Yugoslav entry will do the best? Let us know in the comments below.

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I love the song of F.Y.R. Macedonia this year! Too bad that they are in semi-BLOODBATH-final 1 .
It will additionally break their neck that they are in the same semi as Greece and Cyprus as they will get zero points from them for sure.
I still hope that they will go to the final, the song is too good and they are so sympathetic.




It’s not bad, but I think Croatia is one of the most underrated songs this year. It’s got a really classy instrumental arrangement, and I enjoy the offbeat marimba type sounds. The only bit I don’t like is the speaking bit!


Slovenia is really overrated. I rank it behind Serbia and Croatia.


This is a concidence, but it’s a very cool coincidence
This top 5 of these countries is exactly the same as mine and I’m very happy, that it’s this way
Since in 2006 and 2012 Macedonia was 12th, then I hope for a pattern and I really hope they qualify and achieve something ! Slovenia entering the final would be great too 😀


Hvala nova deca


I don’t think Macedonia will qualify but it is by far the best among the former Yugoslav entries. Montenegro is bearable… the other three are three big messes.


Macedonian tv MUST have learnt of all the mistakes they have done with the stagings. Dont you think:)?
Last year could be much better and her voice to i think. And in 2014,2015 was horrible decicions by Macedonian tv. I hope this year they dont do it again:)


Slavobulgarians and turkoalbanians will never be Macedonians! As long Greece exists!


Macedonia !has already qualified under the name Greece! The Former Yugoslavian Statelet VARDASKA BANOVINA is Macedonian nothing!


Quit denying your slavobulgarian slavic identity! By stealing the undisputed Hellenic name of Macedonia
and missapropriating it to identify your slavobulgarian slavic identity which has no connection or relation to anything Hellenic and Macedonian!Yugodlavian slavic thieves!!!


Croatia underrated almost like last year but we all now what happened then…staging is crucial which Nina’s 23rd place in 2016 and jacques’ 13th place in 2017 proved and by Macedonia’s track record they won’t have a standout staging and the song is at the same level like last year’s or lower and they didn’t qualify then…not to mention that Macedonia’s semi last year was 10x easier then this year

P!nk Forever

Marija is a pretty good vocalist which could work for their advantage whereas Jana Burceska had a horrible staging and lacked live vocals last year. Then the year before Kaliopi may have delivered but Dona was nowhere as good as Crno I Belo.
Lost And Found is somewhat interesting and gets you hooked on first listen. I think we should take the 10+ years in the music biz and professionalism in Eye Cue into consideration despite the bloodfest in Semi Final 1 and a 50/50 chance for them to qualify.


Probably the most overrated song this year, it’s so gonna flop in May lol, looking forward to all the meltdowns.


Not even in hell is Slovenia and Serbia better than Croatia and Montenegro.


You may be right with Croatia, even though I don’t think it will qualify, but it’s preticted to have more chances
Still I have to idea how you came up with Montenegro. You’re like the first person to rank him higher than any of them


Croatia is cool, I voted for her!