zibbz first rehearsal eurovision 2018
Andres Putting

We are worn out just looking at Zibbz’s staging for Switzerland. They work pretty much every single part of the stage in the Altice Arena, with Coco taking to both the bridge and the catwalk – whilst looking in complete control as she does so. She throws a drumstick towards the camera in the opening moments of the song (but not any stones), giving a touch of aggression which works in this context.

Because she’s moving so much, Coco doesn’t get too much of a chance to catch the cameras eye. She’s serving A great look though when she does, with a LeAnn Rimes-meets-Madonna early 00’s cowboy vibe. She also calls out to the audience, asking for those who “have ever been hurt” to lend her support. There’s a slight sense of the anarchy as seen in the music video too, as both Coco and Stee (who is mostly stuck behind him drum set on stage throughout) light flares and hold them high in the air. It might be an effective tactic, but it feels a little sub-par after the pyro overload from Saaro Aalto just a couple of songs before. At the very end, Coco mounts the drumset, jumping down at the climax (with a little help from her brother). Rock out, y’all!

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Photo & Footage: EBU & RTP

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As always Switzerland disappoints me with the staging…
I don’t like her hipster look. The drums take control over the stage. And even she is very dynamic and sings quite well I am afraid this won’t stand out by the end of the night.

I would like to see them in the final but I am worried they won’t.


Good vocal performance, not sth special as for the staging.


This would qualify if they were in the second semi.


Keep on strutting. This 30 second preview did absolutely nothing for me. It’s 1760km from Lisbon to Gerneva which will 367 hours to walk home.


Maybe eurofans will finally discover that Switzerland is in SF1. Zibbz deserve to qualify according to the rehearsals!


Until now i remember only 3 songs rehersals ( Albania , Bulgaria and Lithuania )


Coco seems super comfortable on the stage. There’s a picture on the official website where she stands on the drums and she looks cool and powerful. This is not our typical Eurovision entry, so I think they’re doing well by separating themselves from the rest of the pack. Last year, Switzerland killed their own chances with bad staging, this time it seems they’re doing a decent job.

Mr Gold

We must be STILL serious. Israel is not any option to gold medal. Estonia is bad in itself, and that’s why even this stage will not convert crap into a masterpiece. This is easy truth.


Switzerland always sends the songs you forgot was competing. This year too.

Mr Gold


Mr Gold

1. Bulgaria, 2. Greece, 3. Switzerland.