latvia laura rizzotto first rehearsal eurovision 2018
Andres Putting

Laura Rizzotto’s “Funny Girl” wouldn’t be out of place on the Fifty Shades of Grey soundtrack. And Laura knows that as she smoulders and slithers through her performance, serving non-stop sex appeal amid a sea of red. She calls herself a “Funny Girl”, but no one is laughing here. They are too busy admiring the beauty of the lights, her dress and her voice.

Fans familiar with her Supernova performance will recognise pretty much all of this. The only significant change is that she’s now wearing a significantly shorter dress that shows off her endlessly lithe legs.

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Photo & Footage: Courtesy of EBU & RTP

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I like she went with red, it fits well. But I’m not a fan of the outfit. Beautiful performance.


If it was a real skirt or at least enough of one that we didn’t need the granny panty bit, It would be pretty good.


Latvia brings us back to the simplicity this year which is still a rare phenomenon this year. What impresses me th most is that it is about the song, the voice and the artist. No colourful props to artifically catch your attention.

Just Laura in her song. Impressive.


Ain’t no final.


Wow! Her calves are the size of football players’! Isn’t anyone there to point out the obvious?!


Did you write a comment like that under Israel’s entry as well?


Sassy performance. Reminds me of Jessica Rabbit.
I love what she does with her voice. She can go from high to low in less than a second.
The staging and lightning is very sexy and yet classy.

Having said this… I still feel the rhythm of the song is too fast to allow us to fully appreciate it.


Dress is amazing

I want brake

Luvly dahl

Sorry, Eleni, Laura still has my favorite hair flip of this Eurovision! I really like this one, I think it’s a clever song, Laura’s vocals are very good and the whole package is super classy. Though I agree that this is maybe subtle and too calculated for Eurovision. The only difference is the new outfit, which is much better. On Supernova, this was alone on its lane, but now it will be compared with Croatia that had one of the best rehearsals so far (and it’s still a dark horse). I really want Latvia to qualify, but I’m keeping my… Read more »

After Israel’s and Australia’s HUGE thighs I thought it’s a bad stylist… but it comes more and more… Now Latvia joins the HUGE thighs club… Is that a fashion trend?

I prefer Netta’s though. X-D


Boring, only hair flip can save it.


It is a weak semifinal so she has a chance of making it. But both she and staging is underwhelming


The best song this year. I love it. I dont understand why so many people find it boring.
It has clever lyrics, a real story. Perfect melody. Liked it since the first time i listened to it.

Polegend Godgarina

It has clever lyrics indeed, but I find the melody and her voice to be absolutely unimpressive.


Agreed! I remember going through all the Supernova songs when they were first unveiled, and this one really stuck out to me. “Clever” is really the perfect way to describe it – it has such a smart, well-done narrative, and I’m always a sucker for a song that properly tells a story. I adore the nuance and changing meanings of “funny” throughout the song, and the melody conveys the feelings perfectly!

Talentina Monetta

I’m loving the new dress!