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There’s a chill coming in the Altice Arena. Vanja Radovanovic wore an icy-blue suit jacket for his first rehearsal of “Inje” today, flanked by a pianist and backing dancers all in white. It’s a much classier and more powerful affair on stage than what we saw in the national final — and has really done Montenegro’s chances a world of good. Vanja’s glances to the camera in the early part of the song look pained, as if the frost is biting him. Blue lighting behind him spreads that cold, but as the performance continues, the lighting warms up to an orange and so does Vanja.

Montenegro clearly know how to stage a Balkan ballad. This has touches of Zeljko, Sergej and Knez throughout, giving the sense that this is a “Best of” compilation in the staging. That’s to its advantage though. It’s not that we’ve “seen it all before”, but instead it’s a tried and tested formula that helps this stand out.

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There is movement throughout the performance, with the dancers taking a number of positions, interacting with each other and Vanja. Qualification does not seem out of Montenegro’s reach now, showing just how far this has come from Montevizija.

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I was afraid of the outfits in this performance. I actually liked Vanja’s suit, they’re going for the “ice” here, light blue and white. I’m not a fan of the girls’ dresses. I liked the overall performance, the cold colors turning into warm colours. It reminded me a bit of “Adio” in 2015 (the singer with backing vocalists dancing around). Hope Montenegro qualifies.


Ok, we have many bad outfits this year, but this one gets my vote for Barbara Dex Award (unless Sennek really goes with that black dress).


I don’t care what anyone say, I love this song. Classic in a year with more than average cheapness and gimmickry.

But as I watch the ladies, the phrase “Tag! You’re it!” kept going through my mind. I can live with that.


Sorry Vanja….those look like pajamas


Very Montenegro’s “Adio” alike. But this time I think they aren’t going to be that lucky. For me, it is just another balkan ballad, a boring one in fact. But nice try, at least it isn’t a mess like other entries from this SF…


Nothing can save him


The staging brings the song to the 21st century. But I would drop the “nymphs of the lake” dresses. Actually I would drop them completely. The backing vocals are too sweet and underwhelming.
The song itself is forgettable and even the running order can’t save it.

Polegend Godgarina

Montenegro only ever qualified when they sent Balkan ballads, so don’t rule this one out yet. That jacket needs to be burned, though!


That jacket screams non-qualification.


It looks old-fashioned, but not necessarily on a negative way. Though his oufit is very bold and won’t go unnoticed (for good or for bad). I’m glad to know that Vanja connects well with the cameras, because you can’t succeed with this song if you don’t make us feel his pain. I don’t expect this to qualify but one thing that I’ve learned by watching Eurovision is that you never should count a balkan ballad out. And I agree with Chris that the contrast with Sweden can be helpful to Montenegro.

Music is Art

I totally agree with you Sabrina.

Roy Moreno

I need him in the final! He deserves it as well!


It’srather nice and all. But it stands no chance. Especially appearing after Sweden


War of jackets.


It reminded me of Molitva, in a tribute way


He really has a beautiful and powerful voice
Last still, his song is boring

Basically Ari of SF2