Surprise! Wiwibloggs and Hard Rock Cafe Lisboa are happy to announce that we are selling additional tickets to this year’s edition of The Wiwi Jam.

The Wiwi Jam sets anchor inside the stunning Hard Rock Cafe Lisboa on May 9th from 22H00 to 01H30.  We will welcome several stars competing in this year’s Eurovision, as well as special guests from past editions and also the X Factor.

Our list of stars is growing by the minute. As of Wednesday evening, we can publicly confirm the following artists: France’s Madame Monsieur, Bulgaria’s EQUINOX, Cyprus’ Eleni Foureira, Iceland’s Ari Ólafsson, Finland’s Saara Aalto, Lithuania’s Ieva Zasimauskaitem, Azerbaijan’s AISEL, Portugal’s Cláudia Pascoal, Sweden’s Benjamin Ingrosso and Austria’s Cesár Sampson. There’s more. In addition to these 2018 competitors, we are pleased to welcome Montenegro’s Eurovision 2017 act — and X Factor UK alum —  Slavko Kalezic.

We’ll be announcing more artists in the days ahead, so stay tuned.

As ever, our William and Deban will serve as hosts and conduct brief on-stage interviews with the stars. More than a dozen more wiwibloggers — who you’ll recognise from YouTube and the web site — will also be on hand to par-tay…and share a bit of gos.


Last Friday a technical glitch in Hard Rock Cafe’s booking system resulted in tickets being released hours before the scheduled time. They sold out within 30 minutes. To make up for this unfortunate glitch, Hard Rock is releasing additional tickets. In a statement sent to Wiwibloggs they said:

“Due to a technical failure beyond the control of Wiwibloggs and Hard Rock Cafe Lisboa, last week’s tickets were available before the announced time. To fill this gap Hard Rock Cafe Lisboa offers extra tickets.”

We will update the link in this post at 21:00 Lisbon time. 

You do not need press accreditation or an OGAE card to attend — this event is open to anyone and everyone. However, you do need to purchase a ticket. There are two options.

Note that this time around concert tickets are for entrance at 23H00 (one hour after the concert starts). Due to venue restrictions and availability, as well as crowd control, it’s impossible for Hard Rock to welcome everyone at 22H. The time is perfect for people who are attending the Jury rehearsal of the second semi-final — due to finish at 22H15. Rest assured you won’t miss all the artists. The party goes on until 01H30.

Dinner Menu + Concert (Starting dinner at 19H30)

Price: 35 euros (please consult the ticketing website for information on the menu)



Choice of Entree


Drinks during the meal


1 Draft beer at the Main Bar area after 22H00

The dinner area will be on the first floor, which overlooks the concert on ground level.

Concert Ticket (Entry at 23H00) – One hour after the concert begins.

Price: 10 euros


2 drinks at the main bar


Stay tuned to our social media channels for further announcements. 

DISCLAIMER: Please note that this event is subject to a limited capacity. Hard Rock Cafe Lisboa will operate with an in and out system. One ticket per person. Alcohol consumption only authorized for guests over 18 years old, in accordance with Portuguese law.

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Did you invite all the artists?

Robyn Gallagher

All were invited, but not all are able to attend, for various reasons. 🙂


Please tell me Eugent and Vanja will be there hhhh


Anyone willing to sell a ticket to this poor American kid 🙁 🙁 🙁


Is Suzy not performing anymore? She was in the initial lineup.

drag kvinna

eu quero ser sua oooooooo


She is going to be at the OGAE party in the Eurofan cafe that same night from what I’ve read


Maybe this is an alternative: ESC Bubble will have their party next monday at 22H00 at the EuroCafe. Ticket sale hasn`t started yet and the venue looks bigger than the Hard Rock Cafe, so maybe there are better chances for getting a ticket. Just look at their homepage for more information.

Markus esc

Eurocafe as i understand is only available to enter by purchase of a pass andyou must be an OGAE member


They announced to offer extra tickets for this party, no matter if you`re OGAE member or not.

Markus esc

Really makes me think twice before having anything to do with this event, a total cock up, and the previous sale allowing a so called fan to buy 40 tickets


Do you really hate your fans this much?! Why did you spring these tickets on us and not let us know well ahead of time- I missed out by 25 minutes. I really think with this level of organisation on the tickets the event itself is going to be a complete mess. Good luck to anyone who got tickets for this- I’m expecting alot of complaints


You’re such a drama queen. Why do all the comments here seem so reactionary and extra these days?


I hope someone can sell me two tickets ,reply here if you can please or sell more tickets!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sad Esc and Wiwi fan

I was already paying at 21:01 and didn’t manage to get it
So saaaaaad


This is hopeless – I tried 3 times to buy a ticket and every time an error occured when I wanted to pay the ticket – and then it was sold out again. Anyway I hope you all will have a great night!!


Sold out in 3 minutes!


Hmmm, I’m happy, of course, that an effort was made and extra tickets were made available. But it’s also a little sad that the entrance for the concert tickets is an hour after the concert has started. I understand why, but it’s still a shame being ‘tardy to the party’. And the ticket price also remains the same, but because the price is only 10 EUR and two drinks are already included, I’ll let that one slide, Wiwibloggs. 😉
Hope to you see all there after all. 🙂


OMG this is nerve wrecking… I really wanna be there, so I`m gonna cross my fingers…