melovin eurovision 2018 under the ladder first rehearsal
Andres Putting

Another nine acts rehearsed for the first time on May 2 (“Day Four” for the press corps in Lisbon). It was, as ever, a day of colour. Sweden’s Benjamin Ingrosso danced before a series of light pipes in bold reds and blues, while Hungary’s AWS went for something more fiery, releasing a sea of orange as they sent fire shooting into the sky and unleashed geysers filled with sparks. Don’t stand too close, or you might get burned. Slovenia’s Lea Sirk worked a different colourway entirely, opting for blacks and dark purples — before turning out the lights entirely.

But in the minds of our readers, one act outshined them all. After counting 4,571 votes, we can now reveal that Ukraine’s Melovin delivered your favourite rehearsal, having secured 20% of all votes, or 922 votes to be precise.

Melovin rises from the dead — or so he wants us to think at the beginning of his performance, where he rests inside of a coffin with cut-outs on its lid.

When it eventually opens and he emerges from the container, we realise he’s actually resting on the top of a two-tier piano. He doesn’t just tickle the ivories — he stomps on them!

Hungary’s AWS brings metalcore to the Eurovision stage, perhaps the first since Max Jason Mai in 2012 for Slovakia. Lead singer Ors — barefoot, per his preference — manages to make screaming sound like singing. The hardcore song becomes a meditation on life, death and the journey in between.

He delivers it with passion and abandon, all informed by the story’s very personal narrative: coming to terms with the death of his father. It’s touching, despite being loud and in your face. AWS nabbed 668 votes, or around 15%.

Hvala, ne – hvala, slaaaay! Slovenia’s Lea Sirk served a thoroughly off-kilter, totally urban performance during her first rehearsal. This harked back to the Eurovision of yesteryear when people weren’t afraid to have a bit of fun.

Her euro-dance number has major swagger, which comes through her swishing hips, facial expressions and non-stop popping and locking. She got 13%, or 597 votes.

See below for all the results.

Did Melovin raise you from your graves on May 2? Who was your favourite otherwise? Let us know in the comments section below.

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17 Comments on "Poll results: Ukraine’s Mélovin had the best rehearsal on day four of Eurovision 2018"

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I personally also adore Melovins song and he is one of my overall favorites in this weak year of Eurovision.
Not a fan of Hungary, but I can see why people like it.

Cant stand Sweden, really cant stand it.

Slovenia and Malta are the positive surprises.
Montenegro and Georgia dont stand a chance of qualifying. just like San Marino and hopefully Russia.


He plays the Goth but sings pop! Ukraine hasn’t got it right!


Ukraine are going to final, not for a great song (its not a great dong) but its Ukraine. And Hungary its not music, its awful


He (Melovin) is going to lose a lot of jury vote because his English (when sung) is so poor.

Polegend Godgarina

Yeah, no. This Born This Way era tribute ain’t going nowhere.


Well deserved win for vampire Mélovin, and Hungary is on top too,yes!


He is a lame fake vampire. Goth audience will find him ridiculous!


Ukraine? Yeah right…


look at this guys….Ukrainian staging is simply shocking… i’m gonna vote for this for sure!


This poll is delusional… Sweden had the best rehearsal


Ukraine could win again. This performance is so well put.


Actually, he said that in his mind is not a coffin, but is good that people have imagination


today he was even better , Mélovin’ stage presence is stunning , and they did amazing staging for him , along with Hungary the strongest entry in this semi


Melovin and AWS rightfully deserve the two top spots in their semi imo


i agree Hungary and Ukraine gave the best energy!


Hungary, is that a song? Its a 3 min of screrm. Bad bad bad


That’s music.

It just happens that you have a bad bad bad taste.