She had a pre-Eurovision interview with our own Deban Aderemi at Lisbon Airport. And following her first rehearsal, Croatia’s Franka spoke to William.

“I can’t explain it. I was left speechless after the first rehearsal, because everybody had great comments. I’m super glad and very emotional and extremeley happy, because I knew how I can pull it through with the emotions on stage.”

“I’m portraying a really strong woman and through all these phases of love. All the stages of love is what we’re trying to show on stage.”

“This is much more me. It’s stripped down, just me and the microphone and emotions. We want to take out everything unnecessary and just bring out the raw emotion.”

And for Franka, a dream came true as she finally got to step on the Eurovision stage. “I was really nervous and stressed going on stage. The first time going on a Eurovision stage for me  was a dream come true. It was very emotional and I felt all these mixed emotions in that moment. But after the note, everything fell into place and I just felt home.”

“I came here with no big expectations. I just wanted to show people what I can do, present and perform the song. Now that the great comments came in I am really happy,  but this is my big dream. I did what I came here to do.”

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9 Comments on "Croatia’s Franka: “I did what I came here to do!”"

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Don’t like her all!

drag kvinna

her voice is wasted on a cheap China-imported demo track


I wish her the best of luck. But have a feeling she wont qualify

No Eastern European

It’s just so [email protected] Yuck!


You are wasting your life with so much bitterness. I hope your mind wakes up one day

P.S. Eurovision is pretty gay, yes. Shocker!


A very professional performance of Croatian camera work plus lights give the atmosphere of the song you can see the progress of Croatian TV HRT . Croatia deserves to be promoted to the final #Team Croatia


Amazing personality and a great performance. Deserves the final. Good luck, Franka!!

Tom Ripley

Franka makes her dream alive but we WANT SO MUCH see her in the FINAL!
A M A Z I N G A C T! L-O-V-E ??