Germany, France and Italy closed out the second rehearsals at Eurovision 2018 yesterday…and we’re only writing about it now. That’s because we had to book it from the press centre to claim our spots on the red carpet 30 minutes away. Well now we right that wrong and catch up on what went down inside Altice Arena.

Germany: Michael Schulte with “You Let Me Walk Alone”

At this point Germany’s Michael Schulte is just polishing a diamond. His slick performance blends emotion and technical sophistication with aplomb. With some highly technical performances you feel like you’re being manipulated. But with Michael’s you feel like you’re being touched and informed. There’s a warmth and sincerity to it that doesn’t get old.

Michael’s second rehearsal came off as largely the same to most casual viewers. But on closer inspection it’s clear that certain camera angles have been smoothed and certain angles tweaked for maximum impact. More noticeable this time around was a shot of the road cartoon displayed behind Michael’s head during the lyrics display. It’s fitting as he really is taking us on a journey.

Michael Schulte, “You Let Me Walk Alone”: Performance Preview

France: Madame Monsieur with “Mercy”

Let there be light! France’s Madame Monsieur want to present a story of birth and hope amid difficult circumstances. And during their second rehearsal that came through more strongly owing to subtle but significant changes to the lighting. The performance opens with dark blue and black with white accent lights that suggest a search boat in the night. But as the song progresses — and the tonality shifts from dark and mysterious to hopeful and joyous — the black gives way to an inviting orange, suggesting a rising sun and the start of a new day.

Madame Monsieur, “Mercy”: Performance Preview

Italy: Ermal Meta and Fabrizio Moro with “Non mi avete fatto niente”

There isn’t particularly much to add here. The second rehearsal was strikingly similar to the first, once again bringing the Sanremo staging to Lisbon. Ermal & Fabrizio stand amid fiery red lights with producers zooming in on their faces. The on-screen graphics convey the key message of the song in 15 languages, but it clutters the display. I much rather have them focusing on the singers themselves rather than distracting us with words.

Ermal Meta and Fabrizio Moro, “Non mi avete fatto niente”: Performance Preview

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France was much better this time!! Germany too!

My highlight is definitively France, we could be seeing at a potential winner this year, unlike the rest of the big 5 this feels natural, organic, tastefull and very elegant. They convey a great message in just 3 minutes but the moment comes at the closing “mercy mercy, je vais bien mercy” jury will love this as well as the people maybe not excelling there but I’m confident that if the jury gets behind this we could have just enough to surpass the public’s choice. All of it is obviously hypothetical but it thrills me to theorize on the big… Read more »

Germany: It looks great, but could be less literal. You’re already showing a heart and a road, you don’t need to write it down. Michael delivers it, I can feel his pain.
France: My feeling is that they know the song is about a delicate subject so they’re keeping it sophisticated and asking for the audience (both at the arena and at home) to “fill the blanks”.
Italy: The graphics are “aggressive”, but somehow they fit Meta & Moro’s approach. I don’t like the aesthetics, but this tactic may improve their chances, reaching more casual viewers than expected.

Netta is a feminist, bad bad. Im not a toy.
Netta is a feminist, bad bad. Im not a toy.

What do you think about Finland’s and Georgia’s chances to qualify people?


Finland probably borderline qualifier and Georgia borderline non-qualifier


I like Georgia, but I think it’s a typical song that not everyone like because of the stile. It would be fun though. ESC need this kind of music to be intresting in my opinion.

Good luck Georgia from Sweden


I love both songs! I think Finland has more chance to qualify than Georgia though


Both are bad but one is also tacky. The tacky one has some chances, though. Life can be cruel.

Mr Gold
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Donald duck

Absolutely far away the best is Germany from this 3 entrys , touching song,beatiful


Germany has an honest song, and a good one, the other 2 should form a party and just leave us in peace. Political activism has no place in Eurovision, we are here for the fun!


Agree. I don’t like France or Italy this year.