He’s the Ukrainian star who’s crossed borders to represent Belarus at Eurovision 2018. And Alekseev has brought some of the most out-there staging with him to Lisbon as well.

Amongst many things, Alekseev presents a rose to the camera, which then seems to turn in to a female dancer.

And Alekseev says that he’s met a woman before, similar to what the dancer on stage represents. “She presented her love, taking it back again, she hurt me, she make me smile, she makes me alive”.

“Love can hurt you, it’s a great emotion, when you can feel some bad feelings and some good feelings. When you feel, it means you are alive”.

Alekseev also revealed the secret of the “wound” that is on his back. Alekseev says it’s a secret, but admits that it’s actually created in a very simple way: it’s a t-shirt!

The platform that he rises on symbolizes for him the best moment in a relationship: “When you understand you go to the sky, and want to fly”.

Alekseev has practiced his vocals a lot the past period and he believes his best day (vocally) will be in the future. He is still working on his camera skills, but he thinks that that will improve before the next rehearsal: “I feel we are comfortable, I like my stage show, I really like the meaning of the visual effects. I really want our music and act to come close to the European audience!

Do you think that Alekseev’s staging will help lift “Forever” in to the final? Let us know all your thoughts in the comments section below.

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9 Comments on "Belarus’ Aleeksev: “Love can hurt…but when you feel it you know you’re alive”"

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Nguyet Huynh

Thank you ALEKSEEV!!! You gave us the show and no matter what happened, keep on doing things you love ?
The process is more important than the result ’cause through those little bits of moments , you gradually learn to improve yourself INTENSELY.
You’re the artist I will follow after the contest <3

Rada Spoto

The world has changed but we will live, sing and love FOREVER! Pure Art! Little Prince and his rose…. it’s hurts. Europe will know you soon! Drunken sun is another masterpiece , sending love


Hey Nikita! Cheer up! The Telegraph says they are devastated because of you and that you staging was art, they loved it!


He must come back in Vidbir


Thank you, Nikita Alekseev for everything! For the emotions you stirred in me , for the music I became addicted, for all the drama and for my all new personal painful lovestory! Love hurts for real, too busy crying right now, but I promise you I will be following you forever, I’ll be front row in your next concert, Kiev , Chisinau, Novosibirsk, you name it! God bless you , good luck forever!


I am so disappointed.
Why didn’t he do the performance he did in Belarus? And why was he singing falseto? He was shaking. I feel sad for him 🙁 He was my favourite.


I was shaking too, emotions. Now I ‘m crying!


It will be pure Art! He’s taken a risk and I so much hope this will be rewarded! I can see a whirlwind of deep sensations, red roses and pain, a romantic hero giving everything for love, dripping with emotion and exaltation! Good luck Alekseev/ Belarus, I’ll vote for you in the final twenty times!


I would love to see him in the final!