A lot can happen when you’re lying on the floor with five Hungarians. And for wiwiblogger William that scenario led to one of our most laidback interviews of Eurovision 2018.

AWS — the Hungarian post-metal band — cosied up with him after their first rehearsal. Down-to-earth, humble and totally at ease, they oozed charisma and reminded us why they’re among the press corps’ favourite acts.

Lead singer Ors — who performs barefoot on stage — manages to make screaming sound like singing. Apparently it’s not difficult. “It’s a special vocal technique,” he says. “It’s actually more easy for me then normal singing”.

Their Eurovision song “Viszlát nyár” (Summer’s Gone) is informed by a very personal narrative: coming to terms with the death of Ors’ father. When he shouts “goodbye” at the climax he literally runs around the entire stage, including the circular orbit and also up and over the bridge. Is it a matter of moving from this life to another? From one stage of grief to the next?

“No, I just imagine that I’m in Venice, but the only problem is that I can’t see the boats.”

While all that’s happening, flames shoot every which way — vertically from the back and diagonally overhead. Can they literally feel the heat?

“When we’re playing we sweat a lot,” their adorable drummer says. “And when the fire comes up we sweat more and more.” It’s no wonder Ors describes this as “a holiday in Purgatory.”

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It’s not quite my style of music, but I loved their song and performance!!


Something tells me that they won’t do well. Feels like 24-25th place but I might be wrong…


I don’t mean to sound harsh, but those Hungarian guys seem ridiculous to me. They seem more like a parody of another metal band than an actual act. There is just no originality and no seriousness in it.


My uncle was a professional jury twice in Eurovision back in the 90s and he criticized the Hungarian entry for “amateurish-metal shock value”. Further, he branded the Dutch one as “distasteful cowboy parody”, but he praised the Albanian guy, proclaiming him as an “epitome of rock!” It’s obvious that Albania will do great tonight!


Hungary honeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeey! <3

me and me

quote ”their adorable drummer”

That reminds me…this year was no Top Model?


i was wondering the same..:(


And very happy for that! They are artists, not models!