She’s the 21-year-old songstress who placed second in the televote during the first semi-final of the Eurovision Song Contest 2016.

And today Austria’s ZOË reminded Eurovision fans precisely why she was so loved, as she released her humorous electro-pop track “Heartbreaker”.

ZOË serves her breathy vocals over a swinging arrangement that features plenty of guitar strums, claps and snaps. It’s light and breezy and invites you in from the very first note.

The ditty seems to convey ZOË’s personal reckoning with Mr Wrong. She repeatedly tells him to stop calling — initially with sweet and playful intonations, but ultimately with greater force and resolve.

“Please stop calling me,” she says in the opening lines. “A text will be fine, maybe I’ll reply, now I don’t think you should call me, just take your time…”

In a statement sent to wiwibloggs, the “Loin d’ici” hitmaker said:

“I have fun blending different genres. I can’t stand still and I love to reinvent my music constantly”.

Along with today’s audio release, ZOË also teased the music video, which will consist of selfies filmed entirely by the singer herself.

The video sees her staring straight into her smartphone on the roof of a building and wearing a loose-fitting top with spaghetti straps.

She shows off her stunning décolletage and delicate shoulders, which look tanned and toned beneath the Austrian sun.

In another scene she’s seen getting ready in front of the bathroom mirror. She enhances her perfect pout with a smear of red lippie and also teases her hair with a brush, perhaps conveying the frustration that comes with dealing with a difficult lover.

Are you loving ZOË’s evolving sound? Are you excited to see her full selfie music video? Let us know in the comments’ box down below. 

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ZOE deserves better, her debut album was amazing full of great catchy songs in French.

Lady Gaga

So cheap :/ and she’s doing a fake Kylie-esque style of singing which makes her sound like a street walker. Fo Kylie it sounds great, for her, not much. Well, guess you shouldn’t expect much from this inbred


What about new colaboration single called “Wild Eyes” from Kasia Mos (Poland 2017) and Norma John (Finland 2017)??? Can we expect something about that from you guys?

Roy Moreno

I’ll never forgive her and the other juries for not choosing Sara de Blue 🙁


I remember hearing somewhere that Zoe had to opt out of voting since she was friends with Sara de Blue. Either way, I’m pretty sure Zoe wanted Sara—look at her reaction when they announce Jessika as the winner.

Roy Moreno

Oh yea, I remember watching her reaction, you’re right, my bad :3
Sorry Zoë as well < 3


Her reaction was completely understandable.


ZOE wrote Sara’s song so she didn’t vote in the final. Shame on San Marino TV.


Generic and dull


Hey, Wiwibloggs! Have you heard the new song of Norma John & Kasia Mos? 🙂