She’s one of Spain’s most beloved songstresses, having given Spain their best Eurovision result since Beth’s 2003 hit “Dime” with her unforgettable number “Quedate Conmigo”.

And now — following years of Spanish euro-dramas, intrigue and even a televised punch-up — Pastora Soler has spoken out about Spain’s checkered Eurovision history.

She earned more points than Edurne, Manel Navarro and Amaia & Alfred combined….so when she speaks it’s very wise to listen.

In a recent interview in ‘El Periódico‘, Pastora had one clear message: avoid unnecessary controversy.

“If we continue like this, no one will want to participate”

Pastora kept it real, making it clear she didn’t approve of all the drama that surrounded her Eurovision performance — or that of her colleagues before and after her.

“I don’t think [that amount of controversy] is something that benefits us in our participation in the contest. If we continue like this, no one will want to participate [in Eurovision for Spain].”

From accusations that Spain’s delegation didn’t do enough work in Lisbon to Alfred’s colourful gift to Amaia, Spain wasn’t immune during this cycle. But thankfully the artists remained largely above it all. As they said at the time: “We’re here to sing our song. That’s the best thing we can do and why we’re here.”

Pastora speaks from experience. As you’ll recall, during her year there were accusations that the Spanish broadcaster told her not to win because they wouldn’t be able to afford the contest.

As she told El Periódico: “There’s so much pressure. I felt that in my year. Everything was analysed and criticised. “[Tu Canción]” was a beautiful song and they did a good job. We should be proud.”

Pastora’s album “La Calma” and most recent single “Ni Una Más”

It’s already been three years since Pastora put her career on hold to cope with her debilitating stage fright and to achieve her dream of becoming a mother.

Her newest album — “La Calma (The Calm)” — proves that she’s more than ready to keep creating music. “Every day I feel stronger and more confident,” she says. “The audience proved it to me with their affection.”

“When doing my first concert I didn’t know how I would feel myself again on the stage. It’s been three years of no live appearances and that was an important moment for me to meet again the artist I am and the audience,” she says. “I have so much respect for the public. I’m not interested in them having an idealised picture of me.”

Eleven songs compose her eleventh studio album. “La Calma” melds a catchy melody anddeep emotions— the hallmark of her music all these years. But a taste of the new Pastora comes in songs like “Vuelves a la vida” or “La Tormenta” — both composed by Tony Sánchez-Ohlsson and Thomas G:Son, the men behind her hit Eurovision entry. Once again the mix the best of Swedish pop and Latin fire. Her newest single  “Ni Una Más” is — according to many fans — the song of the album! Voice, pop and emotion!

“Estrella” brings the album home. It’s not just the last song, but also the one dedicated to her daughter – who – if you listen ’till the end, you will be able to hear! She is so cute!

Pastora’s Tour

Pastora will continue touring around Spain this summer. From Malaga to Merida, the Spanish singer will reward everyone who attends her concerts with her amazing talent. Click here to check out all the remaining shows!

Her latest concert actually took place today at Barcelona’s “Festival Jardins de Pedralbes” — a project that started six years ago in order to merge music, nature and the city in a unique environment located in the city centre.

This year’s edition sees not only Pastora Soler, but also Salvador Sobral, who will be performing on July 5th.

What do you think about Pastora’s new single? Do you agree that the endless euro-drama hurts Eurovision in Spain? Tell us in the comments section below!


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Herr Frau

Spain really needs to change their game. Being the weakest big 5 country in the last decade must be quite depressing.


All it takes is one song to completely change a country’s perspective on Eurovision.
See: Portugal 2017, Germany 2018
Eurovision is of pretty high quality throughout all of the entries compared to the 2000s. Sometimes, good songs do badly. Countries need to stay positive and keep plugging at it.


See also Israel 2015 (the start of the Next Star) or Cyprus 2018. Also pre-Conchita Austria was way less succesful than post-Conchita Austria (with the exception of the Makemakes obviously).

Also France, since their 6th place in 2016 ! Since then, France 2 and the French public changed its view towards the contest : hence the return of a national selection : Destination Eurovision for 2018 & 2019. So I’m sure Spain will be back on track because now the Big 5 is starting (as a whole) to send great songs and at least finish in the first half of the scoreboard. Top 10 results for Big 4/Big 5 countries 2009 : UK (5th) – France (8th) 2010 : Germany (1st) 2011 : Italy (2nd) 2012 : Germany (8th) –… Read more »
Purple Mask
Spain usually sends something very good musically in spite of the drama surrounding it. I think Thomas G:son worked on two of their entries (“Amanecer” as well?). This year’s song “Tu Canción” had beautiful flowing melodic lines set to a very Mozart-like harmony. I think it was hurt by the running order in the final. Does drama help or hinder a Eurovision act? Not sure. I suppose Sylvia Night proved it was a hindrance, but that was a long time ago now. Jamala might be the opposite example – plenty of drama over that winning song. Drama can work for… Read more »

Jamala’s song didn’t have that much drama apart from the Russians’ whining. The real bad drama came after the show when “Bizim Qirim” started to appear on YouTube, so maybe drama wasn’t that big as a factor. I believe drama or without drama, Ukraine would have still won in 2016.

P.S. If only drama would have helped Sergey after his “raunchy” pictures hit the internet. LOL.

Polegend Godgarina

And the Spanish public is the only one to blame for choosing TRASH.


Except in 2017, that time the jury chose a bigger pile of TRASH.


She’s right. Some Spanish eurofans live for the drama. And if there isn’t any drama they make it up.


The problem is not the delegation or the efforts undertaken by the national broadcaster to have some more chances to reach the top-10. The problem is Spanish society and its continuous tendency to criticise every single entry. Once again, it reflects the lack of cohesion found in a country in which some of my compatriots believe too much and some others do not believe at all, sadly. I do hope we can finally develop some kind of consensus and have a shared voice.


Pastora always has heavy eyes make up.


“Ni una más” would be an excellent candidate for a last place at Eurovision.


Ok, it’s no surprise that Spain isn’t the best country at doing a great staging, however sometimes I feel like they get undeservedly underrated.

Both Edurne and Barei were really underrated. Yes, Edurne could’ve come with a better staging, but getting only 15 points for such a masterpiece was one of the worst moments ever at the contest. The same goes for Barei..

The only thing they could do is to change their head of delegation, maybe it will work.


I personally think Edurne’s song was very average and quite bland, so it deserved the placing it got. Barei deserved better.


Totally agree. The thing that killed Edurne was the staging and the camera angles which was not good at all, and also made it extremely forgettable. Barei’s song was just annoying.


Pastora and “Quédate Conmigo” are Spain’s best showing in the contest of the entire 2010s and one of the best of the 21st century. So she definitely knows what she’s talking about. Sadly, it will probably take more time for Spain to bring us another showing on that level.


Pastora’s eurovision song was very average and bland as well, but her performance was great.


I don’t know about that, I felt goosebumps when listening “Quédate conmigo”. But again I felt goosebumps with Mirela’s “Contigo” and that song is bland is heck. I would say “Quédate conmigo” is the upgraded version of “Contigo” lyrically and musically, but Pastora’s vocals and showing would definitely put her above Mirela.

Guest had:
Lo Malo in 2018
Contigo in 2017
Victorious in 2016


Ugh I’d rather have Do It For Your Lover over contigo any day of the week! Yes it was a tropical song but the lyrics were ATROCIOUS to begin with!!! Ouch should’ve gone instead. Agreed with Lo Malo though :/


Lo Malo…ok


I loved Pastora’s entry. She was outstanding.


Time for a 5S in the Spanish delegation.