Eurovision t-shirts and phone cases

Eurovision t-shirts and phone cases

From Eurovision t-shirts and sweatshirts to Eurovision hoodies and phone cases, we’ve got you covered! Below you can see all of our ESC-themed merchandise and links to buy. All of our items are available in a range of colours and sizes. #CelebrateDiversity!

Not in Europe but still want some fierce threads for your Eurovision party? No problem! We ship internationally — including to the United States, Canada and Australia. We update our range all the time, so be sure to check back often. Many of these items have limited supply runs so order fast so you don’t miss out!

Eurovision t-shirts, phone covers, tank tops and more

Eurovision cartoon t-shirts and phone cases

You can see the full collection of cartoon t-shirts by clicking here.


Romania at Eurovision 2017

When you’re mad, don’t shout — yodel-it out instead! You can keep Ilinca & Alex’s inspirational message close to your heart with this statement t-shirt that really pops! Available in a variety of colours, and as a t-shirt, tank top, hoodie and phone cover.

*Buy a Yodel-it t-shirt, hoodie or phone case

*Buy a Yodel-it phone cover

Italy at Eurovision 2017

In “Occidentali’s Karma”, Italy’s song contest star Francesco Gabbani sings “la scimmia nuda balla” — the naked ape is dancing.

Celebrate the gorilla with this cute design, which will bring a smile to people’s face at the club and on the street.

*Buy the naked ape shirt in a variety of colours

*Buy the naked ape shirt in white

Francesco is leading us to enlightenment with his Eurovision 2017 song “Occidentali’s Karma”. And as we approach nirvana with him we can’t help but whisper namaste. This adorable design celebrates inner peace with an adorable gorilla in meditation. Whether you’re in yoga class or at a party, it will help you find your centre. Now close your eyes and say “om”!

*Buy the Francesco Gabbani Gorilla Shirt

*Buy the Francesco Gabbani Gorilla phone cover

*Buy the TWO GORILLAS shirt in a range of colours

*Buy the TWO GORILLAS shirt in white

Italy’s Francesco Gabbani will be joined on stage by a naked gorilla. But the ape knows that sometimes you have to cover up for your Eurovision selfie. This funky, psychedelic design captures him doing just that.

*Buy the Occidentali’s Karma t-shirt

*Buy the Occidentali’s Karma phone case

Austria: Nathan Trent is “Running on Air”

*Buy the Running on Air t-shirt

Sweden: Robin Bengtsson’s “I Can’t Go On”

*Order the blue shirt with yellow letters

*Order the yellow shirt with blue letters

Portugal: Salvador Sobral

*Buy the Salvador Sobral Eurovision t-shirt

*Buy the Salvador Sobral phone case

Macedonia: Jana Burceska’s “Dance Alone” t-shirt

*Buy the t-shirt with red lettering

*Buy the t-shirt with white lettering

Azerbaijan: DiHaj “Skeletons” T-shirts

*Buy the Skeletons shirt, hoodie or sweatshirt

* Buy the Skeletons t-shirt in black

* Buy the Skeletons t-shirt in white

Ireland at Eurovision 2017

*Buy the “Dying to try” t-shirt

Bulgaria at Eurovision 2017

*Buy the “Beautiful Mess” t-shirt

United Kingdom at Eurovision 2017

*Buy the Lucie Jones Eurovision t-shirt or hoodie (coloured)

*Buy the Lucie Jones Eurovision t-shirt or hoodie (white)

Montenegro at Eurovision 2017

*Buy the Slavko t-shirt, tank top or hoodie

*Buy the Slavko phone case

Cyprus at Eurovision 2017

* Buy the Gravity t-shirt and hoodie

* Buy the Gravity phone case

Belarus at Eurovision 2017 (Naviband)

*Buy the Hey Hey t-shirt

*Buy the Hey Hey phone case

Moldova at Eurovision 2017 (Hey Mamma!)

*Buy the Hey Mamma! t-shirt

*Buy the Hey Mamma! phone case

Belgium at Eurovision 2017 (City Lights)

*Buy the coloured t-shirt 

*Buy the white t-shirt

*Buy the white phone cover

*Buy the coloured phone cover

Loreen’s Statements (Sweden)

She may not have won Melodifestivalen 2017, but Loreen is still the queen of our hearts. Make a statement of your own with this edgy t-shirt, which features bold lettering and a rebel flag. Keep Loreen’s spirit and story alive — and look fabulous at the same time.

*Buy the Statements t-shirt, hoodie or tank top

Greece at Eurovision 2017

If you love the phrase “Athens, calling!” then you’ll want to answer your phone with this. Designed to celebrate Demy’s Eurovision 2017 song “This Is Love”, these shirts, hoodies, tank tops and phone covers let the world know what you value most.

*Buy the #ThisIsLove t-shirt

*Buy the #ThisIsLove phone cover

Finland at Eurovision 2017

The blackbird frequently symbolises secrets and mystery. And in Norma John’s Eurovision 2017 song, it becomes a vehicle to discuss heartache and loss. Celebrate Norma John’s Eurovision entry with this blackbird t-shirt. The song may be sad, but you’ll be happy as you show off your Finnish pride!

*Buy the Blackbird t-shirt and sweatshirt

*Buy the Blackbird phone case

France at Eurovision 2017

In Paris romance is always in the air. Let the world know you’re ready for your kiss with this “Embrasse-moi!” t-shirt, which celebrates love and France’s Eurovision 2017 song “Requiem”. Approved by rising French star Alma, it’s the perfect way to support her at Eurovision.

*Buy the Alma Embrasse-moi shirt in white

*Buy the Alma Embrasse-moi shirt in red, blue and other colours

Albania at Eurovision 2017

Kosovar singer Lindita Halimi will sing “World” at Eurovision 2017. This “Botë” design celebrates the Albanian-language version of her song (“Botë” = “World”) by placing the world at the centre of her original song title.

*Buy the Botë t-shirt

*Buy the Botë phone cover

Spain at Eurovision 2017

Relationships take work — and sometimes it’s good to remember why you’ve got to put in the effort. Spain’s Manel Navarro wants you to remember that in his Eurovision 2017 song “Do It For Your Lover”. This simple t-shirt reminds you — and anyone else looking — that you’ve got to think of your beloved.

*Buy the “Do It For Your Lover” by Manel Navarro t-shirt

*Buy the “Do It For Your Lover” by Manel Navarro phone cover


Hilarious, insightful and performed with pizzazz, “Love Love Peace Peace” is the most well-received Eurovision interval act of recent memory.

The single hasn’t come out. But our colourful range of t-shirts, tank tops, hoodies and phone cases has. Designed by the team at wiwibloggs, these items put your values square on your chest (or phone). They’re perfect for the club, the concert, the pride parade and Eurovision 2017. Show the world that you believe in a future of peace and freedom. You know who you are — you are unity and you are unstoppable!

All shirts, hoodies and tank tops come in a variety of sizes and colours — including Irish green, purple, royal blue, black, and red.

*Buy the Love Love Peace Peace t-shirt (warm letters)

*Buy the Love Love Peace Peace phone cover (warm letters)

*Buy the Love Love Peace Peace t-shirts (cool letters)

Let’s do this!

Whether you’re headed to the gym or a Eurovision show, show your enthusiasm with this high energy designed. Built around the signature wiwibloggs colours of black, white and pink, it will help you pop as you work out, hang out and slay the day away. We’ve got shirts, tank tops, sweatshirts and phone cases in a variety of colours.

*Buy the white “Let’s do this!” t-shirt

*Buy the “Let’s do this!” t-shirt in multiple colours

*Buy the white “Let’s do this!” phone case

*Buy the white “Let’s do this!” phone case in multiple colours


From Lady Gaga to Beyoncé to Conchita Wurst, our favourite stars have taught us to slay all day every day. And now you can live up to that philosophy with statement slay phone cover. Designed with the signature wiwibloggs colours, you can slay while chatting to your friends at the gym, at dinner, at a concert, at Fashion Week or even at Eurovision. Fierce, fabulous, fresh — this is how you slay!

*Buy the Slay t-shirt and tank top

*Buy the Slay phone cover