The Wiwi Jury: UMK 2014

The Wiwi Jury: UMK 2014

UMK 2014 reviews wiwi jury

The Wiwi Jury—our in-house panel of music un-professionals—have been spending a lot of time in Helsinki. That’s because we’re currently reviewing all 12 of the Uuden Musiikin Kilpailu (UMK) contestants for 2014. Over the next two weeks each member of the jury will offers his or her critique of each song, and then award it a score out of 10. The scores will then be averaged for the Wiwi Jury Verdict. The jury consists of Americans, Brits, Irishmen and even a real-life Finn. We suspect he’ll be a better indicator of who will win #umk14 than the rest of us…

As always, we will be making our predictions ahead of each show. The Wiwi Jury Verdict will count for half of the score, while the other half will consist of votes earned in our ongoing UMK 2014 polls. It’s all about bringing together your favourites, and ours. Just click on the song title below to read our reviews.

Current Standings

First Semi-Final

1. Lili Lambert with “Let Me Take You There” (7.57)

2. Jasmin Michaela with “Kertakäyttösydän” (6.86)

3. Dennis Fagerström with “My Little Honey Bee” (6.64)

4. Softengine with “Something Better” (6.5)

5. MIAU with “God/Drug” (6.29)

6. Hukka Ja Mama with “Selja” (5.42)

Second Semi-Final

1. Mikko Pohjola with “Sängyn Reunalla”  (6.79)

2. Lauri Mikkola with “Going Down” (6.5)

3. Clarissa feat. Josh Standing with “Top Of The World” (6.36)

4. Madcraft with “Shining Bright” (4.57)

5. Hanna Sky with “Hope” (3.5)

6. MAKEA with “Painovoima” (2.0)

The final

1. Mikko Pohjola with “Sängyn Reunalla”  (6.79)

2. Lauri Mikkola with “Going Down” (6.5)

2. Softengine with “Something Better” (6.5)

4. MIAU with “God/Drug” (6.29)

5. Clarissa feat. Josh Standing with “Top Of The World” (6.36)

6. Hukka Ja Mama with “Selja” (5.42)

7. Madcraft with “Shining Bright” (4.57)

8. Hanna Sky with “Hope” (3.5)


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  1. Mangalath
    August 31, 2015 @ 2:44 pm

    She evokes fond mmiorees, but sadly I fear that the Eurovision song contest is the graveyard of all singers .so beware Bonnie Tyler as you could join old Englebert Humperdink and numerous others. Bon chance for the most meaningless slanted competiton in the world.

  2. MusicFanOfEurovision
    January 18, 2014 @ 5:24 pm

    Semi-Final One:*
    1 – MIAU
    2 – Hukka ja Mama
    3 – Lili Lambert
    4 – Softengine
    5 – Dennis Fagerstrom
    6 – Jasmin Michaela OUT

    Semi-Final Two:*
    1 – Hanna Sky
    2 – Clarissa ft. Josh
    3 – Mikko Pohjola
    4 – Lauri Mikkola
    5 – MadCraft
    6 – MAKEA OUT

    1 – Clarissa ft. Josh
    2 – Hukka ja Mama
    3 – Mikko Pohjola
    4 – Lili Lambert
    5 – Lauri Mikkola
    6 – Softengine
    7 – Dennis Fagerstrom OUT
    8 – MadCraft OUT

    1 – Hanna Sky
    2 – Clarissa ft. Josh
    3 – MIAU
    4 – Hukka ja Mama
    5 – Mikko Pohjola
    6 – Lili Lambert
    7 – Lauri Mikkola
    8 – Softengine LAST

    *This is my opinion

  3. D
    January 15, 2014 @ 2:26 am

    Semi-Final One:
    1- Jasmin Michaela
    2- Hukka ja Mama
    3- Lili Lambert
    4- Softengine
    5- MIAU
    6- Dennis Fagerström

    Semi-Final Two:
    1- Hanna Sky
    2- Mikko Pohjola
    3- Clarissa feat. Josh Standing
    4- MAKEA
    5- Lauri Mikkola
    6- Madcraft

    Semi-Final (based on my picks):
    Qualified- Mikko Pohjola
    Qualified- Clarissa feat. Josh
    Qualified- Hukka ja Mama
    Qualified- MAKEA
    Qualified- Lauri Mikkola
    Qualified- Lili Lambert
    Eliminated- Softengine
    Eliminated- MIAU

    Final (based on my picks):
    1- Hanna Sky
    2- Jasmin Michaela
    3- Mikko Pohjola
    4- Clarissa feat. Josh
    5- Hukka ja Mama
    6- MAKEA
    7- Lauri Mikkola
    8- Lili Lambert

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