So hot right now
So hot right now

Ukraine’s Prime Minister Yulia Tymoshenko has ordered the National Television Company (NTC) to broadcast the Eurovision song contest.

The announcement comes after the NTC said it was experiencing financial problems which could affect live broadcasts during the May 16 final.

“Ukraine’s Prime Minister Yulia Tymoshenko has instructed the National TV and Radio company to ensure live broadcasts of the final of Eurovision 2009 in Ukraine,” a statement from Tymochenko’s office reads.

It’s welcome news for all of us rooting for Svetlana Loboda, the sex bomb rocker chick who will make her bid with “Be My Valentine.” Even though Ukrainians aren’t allowed to vote for the Ukrainian act, it’s nice to know Loboda’s mother will be able to watch her writhe around the stage wearing little more than a belt.

Loboda, who says she has been experiencing her own financial difficulties, recently called on fans to donate money to help her construct her set in Hong Kong. If her video is any indicator, it may be made solely of chocolate.

She recently performed at a London preview party, along with the four muscled backup dancers wearing black spandex you can see in the video above. The verdict on Loboda and her testosterone-fueled sidekicks? Delicious.

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