Ukraine’s Svetlana Lobodova nailed her rehearsal on Wednesday, debuting an over-the-top act that features LCD images of Sexy Sveta, three “hell machines—over-sized cogs with spinning metal ladders— and three bare-chested muscle men. Wiwi saw Svetlana perform in London back in April, and she had four men at that performance. Perhaps she ate one of them in the interim? Anyway, Svetlana managed some impressive acrobatics—including a move in which she swung 360 degrees before straddling a dude’s face. Don’t try that one at home.

Moves like that have divided Eurovision fans. While many admire her daring show and her beauty—”WOW SHE IS ABSOLUTELY HOT!!!!!!!” one fan writes—others think her highly sexualized production is in bad taste (and they think her voice sucks, too).

Writing on the message board, “seregao0” in Russia wishes there were less flesh on show:

The horror … It is like a prostitute …. and podtantsovka .. the horror … as if this is not the song, a contest of male bodies.

“Pittsamprass” from Turkey feels that Svetlana’s real gifts have nothing to do with her voice:

no no Eurovision Song Contest not Eurovision sex Contest. she is very sexy,she is very beautiful but her voice not good. her show good but very sexy. i think she prefer sexy show competition not voice comptition but this place not beauty contest,not sexy show contest. THIS PLACE IS VOICE CONTEST.

On the BBC message board, fans have been wondering for weeks what Svetlana’s “hell machine” would actually be—and they were disappointed when she unveiled it this afternoon. “minxymartin” writes:

Now we know – a bit of cardboard held together with safety pins – on an old go-kart

“whoknowsnow” worries that such a skank-tastic performance could win:

All style and no substance and it will do well.

And what will happen if Anti-Crisis Girl does capture Europe’s votes? Says one fan:

There will be a crisis!

Personally, Wiwi thinks that people are hating on Svetlanta because she’s a major threat. Sure, she’s really sexy. But we all know that the Eurovision Song Contest isn’t just about singing. It’s about spectacle and entertaining the audience. Sex appeal can be a major factor in that. As for some people complaining that she can’t sing, you need to remember this is a rock song. Her voice is supposed to be a little rough and edgy. Finally, who says she doesn’t have substance? The bandage she is wearing on her arm is a protest against domestic violence. Bless her! Wiwi Loves Sveta!  xoxo

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Batel Levi
Batel Levi

I think her performance is really nice!!! just wow!!! when i saw rehearsal on youtube i was sitting with my mouth opened for 3:05 min while the video was going…. its really nice and doesnt matter how bad her voice is))) loool can agree that her song is not for eurovision coz this song contest is too conservative))


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