The winning act from Mother Russia in 2008
The winning act from Mother Russia in 2008

Over the past two weeks, more than 50,000 of you have cast votes in Wiwi’s various Eurovision polls. In order to give Wiwi time to tabulate results ahead of Saturday’s final, voting will close at midnight GMT (that’s 2am for all of you in Romania and Turkey). Winners will be announced throughout the afternoon tomorrow. In addition to the prestige that will accompany victory, the winner of each poll will have their photo displayed on Wiwi’s homepage. I’m sorry I couldn’t sort out a contract with Elite Model Management. Tyra Banks Wiwi is not!

1. Who Will Win Eurovision 2009? Turkey’s Hadise has dominated this poll from the beginning, but Romania’s Elena Gheorghe, the hip-shaking daughter of a priest, and Albania’s Kejsi Tola have put down surprising challenges. Your results correctly predicted 18 of 18 contestants advancing from the semi-finals (the other two spots were decided by the jury).

2. Who Will Finish Last at Eurovision? Turkish and Greek fans continue to exchange blows, both on the message board and in the voting arena. Wiwi knows that Hadise and Sakis Rouvas will finish near or at the top on Saturday, but let’s carry on with this poll anyway.

3. Eurovison’s Next Top Model. Some of you say that Romania’s Elena has wrinkles. Others say that Hadise looks total hooch. Whatever. They continue to lead.

4. Eurovison’s Next Top Male Model. Lithuania leads. What happened Sakis?