Hadise: Still on top
Hadise: Still on top

Wiwi’s Eurovision poll opened on May 1 and closed on May 15 at 11:59pm. During that time voters cast a total of 35,802 votes, making this one of the largest Eurovision polls in the world. The results are:

(1) Turkey: 22% (7,809)

(2) Greece: 22% (7,807)

(3) Romania: 16% (5,825)

(4) Albania: 14% (5,133)

(5) Malta: 7% (2,503)

(6) Lithuania: 3% (1,024)

(7) Azerbaijan: 2% (841)

(8) Armenia: 2% (660)

(9) Norway: 2% (650)

(10) France: 1% (517)

Turkey’s Hadise edged out Greece’s Sakis Rouvas by just two votes, essentially placing the two in a deadlock. Romania fell to third following Greece’s showing in the second semi-final. Albania, who was a pleasant surprise on Thursday, overtook Malta’s Chiara for the first time. Lithuania and Azerbaijan held steady, while Armenia finally passed Norway, who may be suffering in the poll due to months of overexposure. France once again placed in the Top 10, suggested it may do the best of the Big 4 (despite oddsmakers backing Britain).

Greece's Sakis Rouvas
Greece's Sakis Rouvas

These predictions should be taken seriously. In addition to its size, Wiwi’s poll has proven incredibly accurate. On May 14, it predicted nine of the nine countries advancing from the second semi-final, matching its success during the first semi-final on May 12. (In both cases, the tenth country was selected by a jury of producers). Click here to review Wiwi’s live blog of the first Eurovision semi-final and click here to review the second semi-final.

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i hope that either UK or germany win tonight!!

i have written a list and review of the top 5 underdogs of the competition who could cause a few surprises tonight!!! read my post and leave a comment @ http://slayton491.wordpress.com/2009/05/16/eurovision-2009-ones-to-watch/