Azerbaijan’s Arash and Aysel have jumped to the head of the pack in Wiwi’s ongoing poll to determine which Eurovision song fans are listening to the most. Roughly 800 votes have been cast since June 6 and the Azeri duo’s claims 38% of them with their song Always. Romania’s Elena Gheorghe (The Balkan Girls) holds section position with 18%, followed by Turkey’s Hadise who still has 15% of voters going Düm Tek Tek. Other acts in the top 10 are: Estonia (5%), Norway (4%), Greece (3%) and Albania, Ukraine, Sweden and the U.K. (2%). Click here to cast your vote and view the most up-to-date results. Polls close on July 1 at midnight.

Currently first: Azerbaijan’s Arash and Aysel with Always

Currently second: Romania’s Elena Gheorghe with The Balkan Girls

Currently third: Turkey’s Hadise with Düm Tek Tek

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14 years ago

I think , Hadise was the best…I’m still listening Düm Tek Tek!!She deserved to win.

15 years ago

Elena should have a duet with Sasha Son!!! The Eurvision Top Models of 2009! That would be great!!!!!

15 years ago

Yeah, Elena was the best!!!! I am still listening her song!!!! She is our pride eventhough some ramanians don’t apreciate her meticulous and hard work!!!!!