Three weeks and 7,600 votes later, Lithuania’s ivory-tickling Sasha Son has climbed to the top of Wiwi’s ongoing poll to determine which Eurovision song fans are listening to the most. Sasha, whose surname means ‘dreamy’ in Russian, now claims 43% of all votes, putting him just ahead of Azeri duo Arash and Aysel, who stand at 41%. Romania’s Elena Gheorghe, the most voluptuous daughter of a priest ever to perform at Eurovision, is a distant third with 5%. Elena and Sasha, who finished 19th and 23rd at Eurovision, must wish that voting could take place two months after-the-fact.

Elsewhere, Eurovision winner Alexander Rybak jumps from seventh to fourth position, and Ukraine’s Svetlana Loboda, a.k.a “the stripper in a hamster wheel,” finally cracks the Top 10. Iceland’s Yohanna, one of Eurovision’s fashion casualties in 2009, drops out of the Top 10 and lands in twelfth position.

Review the most up-to-date results by clicking here, and visit Wiwi’s polling central to cast your vote! Polls close July 1 at midnight.

Results as of Saturday, June 27 at 6:20pm:

(1)  Lithuania, Sasha Son, “Love,” 43%
(2)  Azerbaijan, Arash & Aysel, “Always,”41%
(3)  Romania, Elena Gheorghe, “The Balkan Girls,” 5%
(4)  Norway, Alexander Rybak, “Fairytale,” 3%
(5)  Turkey, Hadise, “Dum Tek Tek,” 2%
(6)  Greece, Sakis Rouvas, “This Is Our Night,” 2%
(7)  Estonia, Urban Symphony, “Randajad,” 1%
(8)  Malta, Chiara, “What If We,” 1%
(9)  Albania, Kejsi Tola, “Carry Me In Your Dreams,” < 1%
(10) Ukraine, Svetlana Loboda, “Be My Valentine (Anti-Crisis Girl),” <1%

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Photo by: Nick Druzyakin


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12 years ago

The poll is ended with more than 10000 votes I’m sure that 2-3 person voted all of these votes and this is not an opinion of 10000 people, this is opinion of 5-10 people. You see? one Lithuanian spends more time in this site than others. That’s why winner of Who Is Eurovision’s Next Top Male Model? and Which Eurovision Song Are You Listening To? is Sasha Son.

Tapee to L
Tapee to L
12 years ago

so why you didn’t done that with your fav. artists? Every guy can wote as many times they want for any country 😉

12 years ago

Wiwi, such polls is not fair. Because such polls have bugs. For example, if you click to vote button 10 times you will give 10 votes at once. It’s better that everyone can only vote 1 times per day. Some people can give 500-600 votes per time and result of the poll becomes unfair. Please change such polls