sashasonOver the past month, Wiwi’s readers have cast 12,585 votes in Wiwi’s poll to determine which artist Eurovision fans are listening to the most. After a strong start from Romania and Turkey during the first week of voting, the poll quickly turned into a battle between Lithuania’s Sasha Son and Azerbaijan’s Arash & Aysel. In the end, the Lithuanian heartthrob and winner of Wiwi’s search for Eurovision’s Next Top Male Model triumphed, finishing with nearly half of all votes. Love really does conquer all.

Check out the final results below, and then review this year’s Top 3 finishers. Wiwi will be back with a new poll for the month of July in the coming days. xoxo, Wiwi

  1. Lithuania, Sasha Son, “Love,”  6147 votes, 49%
  2. Azerbaijan, Arash & Aysel, “Always,” 5158, 41%
  3. Romania, Elena Gheorghe, “The Balkan Girls,” 416, 3%
  4. Norway, Alexander Rybak, “Fairytale,” 199, 2%
  5. Turkey, Hadise, “Dum Tek Tek,” 140, 1%
  6. Greece, Sakis Rouvas, “This Is Our Night,” 134, 1%
  7. Ukraine, Svetlana Loboda, “Be My Valentine (Anti-crisis Girl),” 78, 1%
  8. Estonia, Urban Symphony, “Randajad,” 58, <1%
  9. Malta, Chiara, “What If We,” 43, <1%
  10. Albania, Kejsi Tola, “Carry Me In Your Dreams,” 34, <1%
  11. Iceland, Yohanna, “Is It True?,” 27, <1%
  12. Sweden, Malena Ernman, “La Voix,” 26, <1%
  13. United Kingdom, Jade Ewen, “It’s My Time,”  23, <1%
  14. Bosnia and Herzegovina, Regina, “Bistra Voda,” 20, <1%
  15. Armenia, Inga & Inush, “Jan Jan,” 14, <1%
  16. Germany, Oscar Loya, “Miss Kiss Kiss Bang,” 11, <1%
  17. Spain, Soraya Arnelas, “La Noche Es Para Mi,” 9, <1%
  18. Russia, Anastasiya Prikhodko, “Mamo,” 9, <1%
  19. Moldova, Nelly Ciobanu, “Hora Din Moldova,” 9, <1%
  20. Finland, Waldo’s People, “Lose Control,” 6, <1%
  21. France, Patricia Kaas, “Et S’il Fallait Le Faire,” 6, <1%
  22. Denmark, Niels Brinck, “Believe Again,” 5, <1%
  23. Croatia, Igor Kukrov, “Lijepa Tena,”  5, <1%
  24. Portgal, Flor-de-Lis, “Todas As Ruas Do Amor,” <1%
  25. Israel, Noa and Mira Awad, “There Must Be Another Way,” 4, <1%

First Place, Sasha Son

Second Place, Arash and Aysel

Third Place, Elena Gheorghe

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13 years ago

loved Elena.

13 years ago

Cool. I love Sasha’s song, even it was so underrated. 🙂
Can’t wait to see him live. 🙂

Å¡nai Å¡nai ;D
Å¡nai Å¡nai ;D
13 years ago

!!! Sasha Son is the best !!!