In our ongoing mission to choose Eurovision’s Artist of the Millennium, it’s time to review the top finishers from the 2001 Eurovision Song Contest in Copenhagen.

First Place: Estonia’s Tanel Padar, Dave Benton and 2XL with “Everybody.” Tanel and fellow “Estonian” Dave Benton sang this in 2001, but it screams 1984.

Second Place: Denmark’s Rollo and King with “Never Ever Let You Go.” A blond man who resembles Frankenstein sings about never ever letting someone go, even though she hurt his feelings. Then a blond woman appears out of nowhere and sings the same thing.

Third Place: Greece’s Antique with “Die For You.” A sexy woman made of jelly stands in one spot doing the most bizarre and hilarious dances you’ve ever seen. She looks like a mime on drugs. Love it.