It’s Day 3 of our search for Eurovision’s Artist of the Millennium. Today we’re reviewing the top finishers from the 2002 contest in Tallinn, Estonia. There was a tie for third place this year, so you’ll be viewing four contestants instead of the normal three. Watch them carefully, take notes and prepare to vote on July 19!

First Place: Latvia’s Marie N with “I Wanna.” Marie starts out dressed as a man, but slowly undresses to show she is all woman. She ends up in a skank-a-licious pink cocktail dress. Very clever.

Second Place: Malta’s Ira Losco with “Seventh Wonder.” Nasty lyrics. She is “down on her knees, waiting for a man to put me under his spell.” I am not gonna ask what his “spell” involves. What did contestants do before pyrotechnic lighting and LCD stages? Watch her blow glitter at 2:34.

Joint Third Place: Estonia’s Sahlene with “Runaway.” She wants to runaway to the stars, but Wiwi worries that she will break something along the way. It’s non-stop bouncing. Lady gonna sprain a leg!

Joint Third Place: United Kingdom’s Jessica Garlick with “Come Back.” Her last name sounds like garlic, but this performance doesn’t actually wreak. The outfit on the other hand….it looks like something Pocahontas would wear to a strip club.