Wiwi is so sick of reviewing the contestants in the running for the prestigious title of Eurovision’s Artist of the Millennium. But in the sake of fairness he has to make sure you’ve seen them all before we vote. It’s time to turn to the contenders from the 2006 contest in Athens.

First Place: Finland’s Lordi with “Hard Rock Hallelujah.” Wiwi finds the performers so unsightly that he has never been able to watch the whole performance. Can someone explain how this won?

Second Place: Russia’s Dima Bilan with”Never Let You Go.” At the 1:45 mark, you think he is running to play the piano. Instead he pulls a lady friend out of said piano.

Third Place: Bosnia’s Hari Mata Hari with “Lejla.” Wiwi doesn’t like white pants on anyone, and this act is full of folks in white pants.

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13 years ago

anna vissi….everything!!