It’s time to review the final three contenders for the prestigious title of Eurovision’s Artist of the Millennium. They’re from the most recent contest in Moscow, so hopefully you’ll remember them. Otherwise, they must have been real bad. In any case, take one last look and get ready to vote. Voting begins tonight at midnight!

First Place: Norway’s Alexander Rybak with “Fairytale.” A former contestant from Norwegian Idol fingers a fiddle while Norwegian mountain men perform some kind of Cossak aerobics. He won in a landslide, in part because droves of teenage girls think he’s hot. But Wiwi suspects that Alex isn’t actually cute.

Second Place: Iceland’s Yohanna with “Is It True?” Scarlett Johannson’s long-lost sister resembles a frantic bluebird while singing about a man who done did her wrong. Oh, snap!

Third Place: Azerbaijan’s Arash & Aysel with “Always.Scantily-clad Aysel looks like half of her skirt was ripped off during a fight with a pit bull, and one of her legs is covered in silver glitter–bizarre. But a very catchy number.

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11 years ago

sakis rouvas and this is our night…sakiii

12 years ago

I think Azerbaijan is the best. AySel is the cutest girl in the world. And the song was excellent too…