Turkey: Hadise

An Azeri concert organizer has accused Turkish Eurovision sensation Hadise Acikgoz of failing to repay 35,000 euros after she cancelled a performance in Baku this summer.

Speaking to the Azeri Press Association, concert organizer Nahid Emiloglu said Hadise’s manager received 70,000 euros for two concerts. He said that Hadise completed the first performance, but refused to participate in the second show because she did not feel there were enough fans in attendance.

“On my behalf I state that we will not organize Hadise’s concert in Baku any more,” Emiloglu told the APA following the cancellation.

Despite taking the issue public, Emiloglu said he has not heard from Hadise. Something tells Wiwi that Azerbaijan will be giving Turkey null points in Oslo. eurovizyon 2010 eurovizyon 2009

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