This isn't Wiwi. But trust me: he's hot.

The European Broadcasting Union has announced that 2008 Eurovision runner-up Ani Lorak (that’s Karolina backwards) will host the 2009 Junior Eurovision Song Contest in Kiev.

Lorak, whose performance of ‘Shady Lady’ remains one of the sexiest numbers to ever skank-up the Eurovision stage, may seem an odd choice to host the world’s largest song contest for children. Her 2008 performance features a lot of humping and cleavage. Ukraine’s 2009 JESC act, on the other hand, features a small boy singing in front of a sun. Looks like Europe’s children are going to learn about a lot more than singing….

Ani Lorak, Eurovision 2008

Andranik Aleksanyan, Ukraine’s JESC finale 2009

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13 years ago

Good idea! She looks so underage appropriate! lol…