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Christmas has passed, but Wiwi is still craving himself some turkey. Perhaps that’s why he is so excited that Eurovision stalwart Turkey will announce its rep within the next week. Mmmm hmmm. Turkish journalists are reporting that TRT, the Turkish broadcaster in charge of Eurovision, has already created a shortlist of three artists and is currently debating who to send to Oslo. All three of them are rock groups — a pretty dramatic shift away from pop princess Hadise (Wiwi’s favorite performer in 2009). Anyway, check out the contenders below!

maNga, a popular Turkish rap-rock group known for fusing hip hop and rock (yeah, Wiwi was confused too). Turkish media say they’re the front-runners, and the group has already stated publicly that they would accept the invite from broadcasters if it comes their way.

Emre Aydin, a 28-year old rocker and former frontman for the rock band 6. Cadde.

Sebnem Ferah, a 37-year old pop rocker from Yalova and front-woman for Volvox until 1994:

eurovizyon 2010 eurovizyon 2010