karmele marchante eurovision 2010 spain

Following its disastrous 25th-place finish at Eurovision last year, Spain is in search of a hero. With that in mind, RTVE has launched its national selection contest “Tu país te necesita” (Your Country Needs You). Officials called for submissions in December and received 480 songs, 313 of which have advanced to an online semi-final. Spanish residents can now vote up to five times per day, and the top 10 entries will advance to the nationally televised final in February.

As of January 20 at 1500 GMT, Karmele Merchante—a Spanish journalist and talk show host—leads the voting with her song Soy un tsunami (She’s a Tsunami). If you watch the video above, you’ll quickly realize that the 65-year old broadcaster is following in the footsteps of 2008 entry Rodolfo Chikilicuatre, whose ridiculous entry Baila El Chiki Chiki was destined for failure. Merchante’s stage name takes the joke further. She’s going by “Popstar Queen.”

Her entry:

The current standings:

Place  ↓ Artist  ↓ Song  ↓ Votes  ↓
1 Pop Star Queen “Soy un tsunami” 80399
2 Coral “En una vida” 55445
3 El pezón rojo “Y to tan sexy” 32111
4 Samuel & Patrici “Recuérdame” 18899
5 Chimo Bayo ft. CodeName “La fiesta del fuego” 18041
6 Venus “Perfecta” 17718
7 Lorena “Amor mágico” 16407
8 Daniel Diges “Algo pequeñito” 16229
9 José Galisteo “Beautiful Life” 13403
10 Ainhoa Cantalapiedra “Volveré” 13295

Check out her serious side below: