Tom Dice Bleeding Love

Belgium and Cyprus are both looking for a hero: Cyprus hasn’t qualified for the Eurovision final since 2005, and Belgium hasn’t made it past the semi-finals since 2004. This year the two Eurovision stalwarts have both chosen mellow guitar tunes sung in English. Fans of both singers are already worried that Tom Dice (from Flemish-speaking Eeklo) and Jon Lilygreen (from Wales, but representing Cyprus) have such similar entries that they will cancel each other out to Eurovision voters. The general thinking is that Belgium has a better chance of making the final because it appears in the first semi-final and will appear fresh and original. Cyprus, however, must perform in the second semi-final and may sound too familiar to voters who have already seen the first semi. Of course, it’s possible both countries will make the final. Then what will happen? Watch each of the performances below and then cast your vote.



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