Olia Tira, Eurovision 2010, Moldova 6

Moldova’s Sun Stroke Project with Olia Tira stormed to victory at Moldova’s national final on Saturday night. It’s early, but Wiwi already has a feeling that this band is going to put Chisinau on the map, if only because lead singer Olia bears a strong resemblance to Lady Gaga. In the national final, which you can watch here, Olia sported Gaga’s made-up eye-patch. And in her official video for Unicul Meu (below), the Moldovan beauty shows she is just as daring with her wardrobe choices. Check out Olia’s latest single and some screen grabs below!

Olia Tira, Moldova, Eurovision 2010 2
Pretty in purple

Olia Tira, Moldova, Eurovision 2010 1
She loves flowers
Olia Tira, Moldova, Eurovision 2010 4
Polka dot hosery
Olia Tira, Moldova, Eurovision 2010 3
Michelle Pfeiffer look-a-like
Olia Tira, Eurovision 2010, Moldova, belly
Letting it all hang out

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11 years ago

unique entry. a bit 1980s, but i like it nonetheless. maybe this is the year moldova will break through??

11 years ago

wow. she’s beautiful. and i like she know how to show belly in last photo!