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The video is in German, so Wiwi can’t understand it. But it seems like Lena *totally* freaked out after winning the German selection contest. If any of y’all Germans want to let us know what’s going on with this “Ich bin fertig!” business, please comment below! xoxo, Wiwi

**UPDATE** Markus from Germany has kindly commented below and explains that “Ich bin fertig!” can mean “I’m exhausted!” or “I’m drained!” or “I’m worn out!” Poor Lena was just tired : – ) Vielen Dank, Markus!

Watch all of this year’s Eurovision contestants here on Wiwi’s Video Player!

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13 years ago

Lena’s new video for her new song “Taken by a Stranger”

Markus (from Germany)
Markus (from Germany)
14 years ago

Possible translations for “Ich bin fertig!”:
I’m done in
I’m worn out
I’m drained
I’m exhausted

She just expresses that she’s mentally and physically exhausted, being tired from some very straneous days and having trouble to cope with her feelings and all the fuss that is made about her at that very moment after the final decision had been revealed (everybody was trying to get an interview from her, congratulate her, cuddle her and so on).

But in the interview she says that she’s fine again now :-).