Alyosha Ukraine Eurovision 2010

If you choose a bad egg, you end up with yolk all over your crotch. It’s a lesson officials at NTU, the national broadcaster of the Ukraine, have learned all too well. After internally selecting Vasyl Lazarovich—the pervy guy with a penchant for coming on to women—to represent the nation at Eurovision, the broadcaster realized they had made a horrible mistake and hastily scheduled an official national selection contest. Now they’re late finalizing the details of their entry—the lyrics, the score, the glittery spandex outfits—and are being fined an undisclosed sum for every day they’re over the March 22 deadline. That’s not good news during a recession, but it’s better than the possible alternative: the European Broadcasting Union could have disqualified them for missing today’s submission deadline.

For 23-year old Alyosha—y’all in Zaporizhia probably know her better by her birth name, Olena Kucher—that’s neither here nor there. The buxom beauty defeated Vasyl in the televised final over the weekend and is set to sing her tune ‘To Be Free’ oh my god they changed the song on March 25 wtf Sweet People in Oslo. Wiwi’s readers agree with the Ukraine’s decision. So far, 257 of you have voted in Wiwi’s poll “Did the Ukraine Make the Right Decision?” and 66% of you believe that Alyosha is the rightful heir to Svetlana Loboda’s Ukrainian title. Surprisingly to Wiwi, 34% of you still think that Vasyl—the bald-man-with-deep-voice and the wandering hands—deserves the crown. Shame on you.

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11 years ago

Armenian Eva Rivas is real favorite in all her attitude in Eurovision.