Wiwi recently stumbled across a few Eurovision remixes and can’t stop dancing! (And what a relief—there are TOO many ballads this year). To share the love, Wiwi will upload his favorite dance versions of this year’s Eurovision tracks every few days. First up is Finland. Looks like accordions will soon be a staple in Helsinki discotheques! Check out the original version of Työlki ellää followed by the club mix. And don’t forget your glow sticks. xoxo, Wiwi

Työlki ellää — the original

Työlki ellää — remixed

Other Eurovision remixes:

Germany’s Lena Meyer-Landrut with Satellite

Slovakia’s Kristina with Horehronie

Malta’s Thea Garrett with My Dream

Poland’s Marcin Mrozinski

Armenia’s Eva Rivas

Sweden’s Anna Bergendahl

Romania’s Paula Seling and Ovi

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13 years ago

definitely the remix!! it’s so much better