The current leader: Spain's Daniel Diges

There have been big movements this week in Wiwi’s search for Eurovision’s Next Top Male Model. Last week it looked like this was a battle between three men: Poland’s Marcin Mrozinski (the hottest man to ever drink from the Vistula), Israel’s Harel Skaat (the jock from Jerusalem) and Norway’s Didrik Solli-Tangen (he who makes women in Oslo have orgasms). They’ve been one, two and three in this competition since it started. But not any more.

After switching his competition photograph, Spain’s Daniel Diges—who looks pretty good in a pair of briefs—has jumped into the lead.

This week’s second-place finisher has come from even further afield. Last week he was in fifth place with only 6% of all votes. This week he’s quadrupled his share and claims 24%. He’s one of Turkey’s biggest stars, and now he’s set to become one of Europe’s. He is Turkey’s Ferman Akgul.

Currently in second: Turkey's Ferman Akgul

Poland, Israel and Norway are still in a strong position and remain in third, fourth and fifth place.

After Wiwi posted shirtless photos of this week’s sixth place finisher, he saw a surge in votes. He’s the Beauty from Belgrade and he’s still in the running to become Eurovison’s Next Top Male Model. He is…Milan Stankovic.

And now for the rest….

Wiwi will NOT be eliminating anyone this week. Instead, he will eliminate two people next week, leaving us with 13 finalists. Wiwi will post THREE photos of each finalist and all votes will be erased. THE FINAL BEGINS ON MAY 1! If you have photos of your favorite contestants that you would like Wiwi to use in the finals, please e-mail him at [email protected] by April 28!

Elimination #1

Elimination #2

Who Is Eurovision’s Next Top Male Model? Vote Now in the Semi-Final!

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14 years ago

Ferman Akgül, of course ! (manga) Turkey is the first !!!

14 years ago