Daniel Diges: The current leader


As of 5pm on Monday, May 3, a total of 16,721 votes have been cast in Wiwi’s poll to determine who will win Eurovision 2010. Here’s where we stand:

Spain’s Daniel Diges with “Algo Pequeñito” 7,282 43.55%
Turkey’s maNga with “We Could Be the Same” 4,589 27.44%
Germany’s Lena Meyer-Landrut with “Satellite” 1,339 8.01%
Armenia’s Eva Rivas with “Apricot Stone” 923 5.52%
Israel’s Harel Skaat with “Milim” 380 2.27%
Azerbaijan’s Safura with “Drip Drop” 308 1.84%
Poland’s Marcin Mrozinski with “Legenda” 233 1.39%
Serbia’s Milan Stankovi? with “Ovo je Balkan” 198 1.18%
Belarus’ 3 + 2 with “Butterflies” 162 0.97%
Ukraine’s Alyosha with “Sweet People” 117 0.7%
Croatia’s Feminnem with “Lako Je Sve” 112 0.67%
Lithuania’s Inculto with “Eastern European Funk” 103 0.62%
Romania’s Paula Seling and Ovi with “Playing With Fire” 99 0.59%
Sweden’s Anna Bergendahl with “This Is My Life” 97 0.58%
Greece’s Giorgos Alkaios and Friends with “Opa” 91 0.54%
Slovakia’s Kristina with “Horehronie” 84 0.5%
Latvia’s Aisha with “What for?” 71 0.42%
Portugal’s Filipa Azevedo with “Há dias assim” 56 0.33%
Albania’s Juliana Pasha with “It’s All About You” 47 0.28%
Denmark’s Chanée & Tomas N’evergreen with “In A Moment Like This” 45 0.27%
Finland’s Kuunkuiskaajat with “Työlki ellää” 42 0.25%
Norway’s Didrik Solli-Tangen with “My Heart Is Yours” 36 0.22%
Moldova’s Sun Stroke Project & Olia Tira with “Run Away” 34 0.2%
Ireland’s Niamh Kavanagh with “It’s For You” 32 0.19%
Belgium’s Tom Dice with “Me and My Guitar” 27 0.16%
Cyprus’ Jon Lilygreen & The Islanders with “Life Looks Better In Spring” 27 0.16%
Estonia’s Malcolm Lincoln with “Siren” 25 0.15%
United Kingdom’s Josh Dubovie with “That Sounds Good to Me” 20 0.12%
F.Y.R. Macedonia’s Gjoko Taneski with “Jas Ja Imam Silata” 19 0.11%
France’s Jessy Matador with “Allez! Ola! Olé!” 18 0.11%
Bulgaria’s Miro with “Angel Si Ti” 17 0.1%
Malta’s Thea Garrett with “My Dream” 17 0.1%
Bosnia’s Vukašin Braji? with “Munja I Grom” 13 0.08%
The Netherland’s Sieneke with “Ik Ben Verliefd (Shalalie)” 13 0.08%
Russia’s Peter Nalitch with “Lost and Forgotten” 12 0.07%
Georgia’s Sofia Nizharadze with “Shine” 11 0.07%
Switzerland’s Michael von der Heide with “Il pleut de l’or” 10 0.06%
Iceland’s Hera Björk with “Je Ne Sais Quoi” 6 0.04%
Slovenia’s Ansambel Roka Žlindre in Kalamari 6 0.04%


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13 years ago

Croatia is going to win, because it is the best song…
Vote for them. Other songs are terrible and boring, maybe Germany is cool, but Croatia is great…

13 years ago

It acn not be truth….Georgia can not be one of last on a list…Georgia will be sure in top 10 or top 5 or N1 🙂

13 years ago

azerbaijan of course

13 years ago

what do u say?GREECE is one of the favories!!!!in all the sites!what do u say now?we are plying?

OPA!ola 8a ta kapsw …kai 8a to fonajw… perasmena jexasmena ki’ola ap’thn arxh!OPA!!!!!!


13 years ago

Hi there,

your poll is sweet, but unfortunately is absolutely no indication about who is going to win, unless you can make sure (by IP filtering or whatsoever) that people with Spanish IP addresses are not allowed to vote for the Spanish entry, and equally so for Turkey, Germany and all the others. Hint: check your access statistics to evaluate whether hits from Spain, Turkey or Germany are over-represented on your poll sites.

Otherwise compliments for a fun site that keeps the excitement going until the end of May!