Russia, Peter Nalitch

Russia’s entry is called Lost and Forgotten. After watching footage of their first rehearsal, I promise you that Peter Nalitch will be both lost and forgotten during the first semi-final. What was Russia thinking by selecting this guy? He’s trying to be a Slavic Placido Domingo but he comes off as a bad wedding singer. The staging is quite simple. Peter stands front and center and occasionally looks at a notecard. I thought he was reading his lyrics, but I now realize he’s meant to be looking longingly at a photograph of his former lover. Sad. At the 2:30 mark a wind machine starts blowing. Now, I’d expect that in an upbeat dance number. But in a Russian ballad? WTF? Most of the men on stage have long hair. Everyone looks better with a little wind in their face, so I guess this is a good thing.

What do y’all think? Does this song have a chance of making it out of the first semi-final?